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July 2008 News

Calling councils to account

As summer, the inevitable dry season for news stories, approaches journalists could do worse than head down to their local town hall. Every year councils are required by law to display their accounts for four weeks for inspection. While it

Work experience

Work experience for youngsters can be hit and miss. Which firms in your area ensure that all students on placement get the same level of experience and information? Do they merely shadow someone for a week – and get the

Dads and work

Is it possible to be a good father and still maintain a high-flying career? Women have to face a juggling act between work and their children. But it can be just as hard on dads who may miss out on

Texting from your hols

Text messaging is apparently replacing the traditional holiday postcard. When we go away we’re more likely to text the folks back home than drop them a line on the back of a sea view. Mobile phone shops are getting more