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July 2008 News

Shoppers' loyalty pays

How much do you like the big shops knowing about your spending habits? Loyalty cards at supermarkets are one thing. But what about shopping centre points cards, which spy on your purchases across a wide range of outlets? Some people

Bribery gets results

How much are parents in your area prepared to bribe kids to ensure good exam passes? The going rate in some areas is around £100 for getting the right results. With exam time upon us, see if you can get

Harmless flirting…?

Do YOU know an office flirt? We all do it, according to the experts – usually to get our own way. Apart from advancing your career it can achieve more simple results like getting the coffee made. It can also

What's in your drawers

What do people keep in their office drawers? Conduct a quick survey in your office and then go out on the streets….. Past studies have shown that women keep deodorant and a spare pair of tights in their drawers while

Crimper course

Your local college of further education is likely to run hairdressing courses to get young crimpers up to speed. But where do you think they get their models from? Yes, you guessed it – the general public. You’ll get a