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Susan Wallace

Work location(s):

Professional skills:
Copy editing
Feature writing

Subject specialisms:
Real-life; women’s issues; health; psychology (I have a psychology degree) as in relationships, personality, mood, behaviour, thought, situations, attitude, etc; career/work; youth/education; celebrity – TV/showbiz; property; self-help/alternative/holistic health; supernatural real-life; psychology of gambling (I did a dissertation; worked five years in casinos and have attended gambling/betting conferences across the UK and USA); edgy/humour/offbeat/lifestyle, writers’ issues; creative industries; calendar specials – Christmas, valentines, summer etc; experienced “expert for the day” generalist writer turning my hand to virtually any topic.

Further information:

I am a highly experienced, full-time, freelance feature writer. I will conduct interviews by phone or face-to-face and write inspired, accurate articles for you – be it for a profile, topic, issue or ad/brochure copy - from scratch to publication. For instance, following a previous HTFP Find a Freelance-listing commission, I went to London to interview Alex Zane.

Professional skills: Accomplished journalistic article/feature writer. Expert first person interviewer. Qualified psychology quiz compiler. Advertising editorial and copywriter. Copy-editor/proofreader for self-publishing authors. Award-winning, bespoke business brochure writer.

Susan Wallace

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United Kingdom