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Hyperlocal publications

Alongside the established local media, the past decade or so has seen a growing number of small, independently-owned publications emerging both in print and online which typically focus on small communities.

They have come to be known as ‘hyperlocals’ although some of them, such as the Local Voice Network in the Bristol area, have grown to take in a series of different titles across a wider geographical area.

Here is a list of current hyperlocal titles with links to their companion website or other online presence.  If you know of other titles that should be listed here please email [email protected].

If the title of the publication appears as a hyperlink, the link will take you to a list of stories which we have published about that particular title

Publication Website
853 London 853 London
A Little Bit of Stone A Little Bit of Stone
AboutMyArea CH64 
Alt Blackpool 
Armagh I
Bedford Independent 
Beverley Life 
Birmingham Updates Birmingham Updates
Bitterne Park Bitterne Park
Blog Preston 
Bradley Stoke Journal Bradley Stoke Journal
Brentford TW8 Brentford TW8
Brighton and Hove News Brighton and Hove News
Bristol 24/7 
Bristol Cable Bristol Cable
Brixton Blog and Bugle Brixton Blog and Bugle
Broughton Spurtle Broughton Spurtle
Bude and Beyond Bude and Beyond
Caerphilly Observer 
Canterbury Journal Canterbury Journal
Charlton Champion Charlton Champion
Cornish Stuff 
Cornwall Reports 
Cranfield & Marston Vale Chronicle
Derby News Derby News
Down News Down News
Driffield & Wolds Weekly 
Dulwich Diverter 
East Devon News East Devon News
Eastbourne Voice Eastbourne Voice (previously Love Wapping)
Eastleigh News Eastleigh News
Edinburgh Reporter Edinburgh Reporter
Enfield Dispatch Enfield Dispatch
Essentials Mag (Wrexham) Essentials Mag
Exeter Observer Exeter Observer
Frome Times Frome Times
Gedling Eye Gedling Eye
Glamorgan Star
Gosport Globe Gosport Globe
Grange Now 
Guildford Dragon News Guildford Dragon News
Hackney Citizen
Hartlepool Life 
Harrow Online
Hastings Independent Hastings Independent
Hawick Paper 
Ilminster Press 
Inksplott Inksplott
Inside Croydon 
Island Echo Island echo
Isle of Thanet News 
Isle of Wight Observer 
Kendal Now 
Lang Toon Times Lang Toon Times
Lewisham Ledger Lewisham Ledger
Lichfield Live Lichfield Live
Llanblogger (Llangollen) Llanblogger
Llanelli Online Llanelli Online
Local Voice Network (Bristol area) 
Loch of Shining Waters Loch of Shining Waters
Lochside Press Lochside Press
London Se1 London Se1
Manchester Meteor Manchester Meteor
Melksham Independent News Melksham Independent News
Midlothian View Midlothian View
My Newtown My Newtown
My Soho Times My Soho Times
My Turriff My Turriff
My Welshpool 
Nailed Belper 
Nantwich News
Oggy Bloggy Ogwr Oggy Bloggy Ogwr
Peckham Peculiar 
Pevensey Bay Life Pevensey Bay Life
Portswood Info Portswood Info
Richmondshire Today Richmondshire Today
Rochdale Online 
Salford Star 
Scarborough Review Scarborough Review
Senedd Home| Senedd Home|
Shetland News 
South Leeds Life 
South Molton News South Molton News
Telford Live Telford Live
The Ambler The Ambler
The Ems The Ems
The Ferret The Ferret
The Lincolnite 
The Moorlander 
The Paper for Honiton 
Thorne Times Thorne Times
Thurrock Independent 
Times of Tunbridge Wells 
Tottenham Community Press Tottenham Community Press
Tyrone I
Ulverston Now 
View Digital View Digital
Waltham Forest Echo Waltham Forest Echo
West Bridgford Wire 
West Leeds Dispatch 
White Horse News White Horse News
Wiltshire 999s Wiltshire 999s
Wokingham Paper 
Worthing Journal 
Wotton Times 
Wythenshawe Reporter 
Yeovil Press 
York Mix York Mix
Your Harlow 
Your Local Paper 
Your Local Voice Your Local Voice
Your Thurrock Your Thurrock