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July 2008 News

Celebrities being bullied

Harrison Ford, Kate Winslet, Duncan Goodhew and Winona Ryder have all admitted publicly to the misery of being bullied at school. See if local figures on your patch will talk about their school experiences. will provide background info as

Getting your feet done

Do you know anyone who regularly “has their feet done”? Do people need to see chiropodists on a regular basis to have healthy feet? Are they just for the elderly or is there more to their life than ingrown toe

Lurking in the lunchbox

What is lurking inside children’s school lunchboxes? Apparently, parents are helping their youngsters go back to basics with jam sandwiches winning the contest against trendy foods such as salami or prawn rolls. The good news for parents is that they

Taking work on holiday

Many workers cannot leave the office behind – even when they’re on holiday. How many times have you seen holidaymakers with their mobile phones – using them to phone work. We bet your boss does! Then there’s the dread of