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Contact Us

There are several ways to contact the HoldtheFrontPage team. You can call us on 01332 895972, email us at [email protected] or Tweet us @journalism_news.

Please note that although HoldtheFrontPage often shows up in Google searches for particular local newspapers, we are not a local newspaper and we only show up in the search results because we may have written a story about the newspaper in question.

If you have a story you would like to publish or a local event you want to publicise and you would like to find the name and contact details of the nearest local newspaper to you, please go to our Directory section where you will see a complete list of UK regional daily and weekly newspapers.

Editorial & Feedback

If you have a news story or feedback for the site, please call our newsdesk on 01332 895972, or email [email protected].

Recruitment & Advertising

For recruitment, journalism course listings, freelance listings or display advertising please call our sales team on 01332 895994 or email [email protected].