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July 2008 News

Holiday sacrifices

What would you be prepared to give up to go on that dream holiday? Or any holiday? As people find it tough to make ends meet they are prepared to make all kinds of sacrifices to ensure they and their

Students hit by crime

Student crime is an area which is rife, produces real statistics and is often overlooked by the media. Every year one third of students are victims of crime with burglary, robbery and theft the most common crimes. They are young,

Which communication channels?

How do Britain’s top managers prefer to communicate these days? There’s a whole range of media at their disposal, including post, phone, fax, text, twitter and e-mail. Try a poll of your local business leaders. Does e-mail make the senior

The oilseed rape story

We can all see it, we can all smell it but what’s the story behind the fields of oilseed rape? Britain’s farmland has burst into a patchwork of yellow fields as its vivid flowers blossom. The striking flowers, which make

How many homes do you know with an outside loo?

There could be more than you think: major cities have households into double figures where people have to brave the winter rain and cold to relieve themselves. Most are in privately rented properties, many occupied by elderly people. What’s the

Part of the union

Does your town have a credit union? They are clubs where locals get together to run a savings and loans scheme. The idea is that people save regularly and, after a qualifying period, are eligible to borrow at very low