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Quiet day in the office? In need of some inspiration to fill that slot on the features page? Check out our story ideas here and see if you can take news developments from around the UK and localise them for your patch.

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Losing weight – there's an app for that

Love them or loath them, Apple iPhones are very popular and generally everywhere you turn. The marketing and technology companies have had a field day with some 65,000 applications being created since the phone first hit shelves. Around 1,500 of

Pub, pint, peanuts, parcel, parting

The plight of the postal service, and particularly small post offices, has been well-documented in recent years. Meanwhile, the local pub is also struggling during the recession as people stay in or flock to cheap drinks promotions in town centre

Take inspiration from this failure

A world record attempt to photograph the highest number of bikini-clad women in one place proved a miserable failure. The bid on an Essex beach attracted just 42 women – a figure somewhat shy of the current record which stands

Taking Memory Lane to court

Nostalgia features and Memory Lane slots have been a staple of the local paper for decades. But now they can take a darker and more sinister twist. Website has published details of more than a million court trials from

Could the unaware be made more aware?

Over half the population is unaware that dementia can kill while 70pc wrongly think it is mainly a hereditary illness. The eye-opening stats came out of research conducted by the Alzheimer’s Society which also showed that two-thirds of those surveyed

Going away from the grape

Scenes of young, sophisticated types enjoying a glass of Chablis as they put the world to rights may be becoming a thing of the past. Research suggests that the 25 to 34 age range are deserting the grape, leading to

Don't bumble about with bumblebees

Not enough is being done to protect the future of the humble honeybee. According to MP Edward Leigh, chair of the public accounts committee, colonies are dying at an alarming rate. Speak to your local bee farm and see how

Some people will do anything for Olympic glory

Footballers and F1 drivers are exceptionally well paid but for other sportsmen and women chasing the Olympic dream, the reality is somewhat harsher. Undeterred by the daunting task of raising around £77,000 to reach the 2012 Games in London, New

Kids will be 'leaning on the lamppost'

Most of us can recall with a sweaty-palmed sense of fear being made to sing or play an instrument in front of our peers and parents at primary school. Now a school in the West Midlands has decided to add

What's in a name?

American sweethearts Kelly Hildebrandt and, erm, Kelly Hildebrandt will be tying the knot. The name-sharing couple met via Facebook after the female version sent her male counterpart a message about the fact they shared the same name. Take a trip

Loosen your belt while tightening it

As people tighten their belts, certain luxuries go out the window. New stats reveal that one in four diners will visit a restaurant only if it is offering some form of discount. So what are restaurants and bars doing on

Graduating but not working

A typically depressing statistic from the recession which is gripping the UK throughout 2009 is the lack of jobs for university graduates. According to research, there are almost 50 university leavers fighting it out for every job – up from

Protecting the twins and triplets

Mums-to-be expecting more than one arrival are not receiving the right information to protect their new babies’ health. Health experts at the Twins and Multiple Births Association have written to the government over fears that, without tailored treatment, the risk

Age ain't nothing but a number

Premiership football referees in England have to retire at the sprightly age of 48. But one referee in Aberdeen has just blown his final whistle at the ripe old age of 82. Eddie Norrie told the Evening Express he was

The young get streetwise

No-one likes to think that their personal belongings could be stolen but for children it can be particularly distressing if something is nicked. In a bid to counteract this, police in West Sussex are targeting the very young to wise