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Quiet day in the office? In need of some inspiration to fill that slot on the features page? Check out our story ideas here and see if you can take news developments from around the UK and localise them for your patch.

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Do you know a 'Neet'?

Young people are often demonised as good-for-nothing layabouts and new research is doing little to dispel that reputation. The number of young people classed as ‘Neets’ – not in education, employment nor training – rose to 850,000 in 2008, a

Art really is the alternative

The arts and antiques markets underwent something of a revival in the recession-hit first quarter of 2009. Those lucky enough to still have some spare cash are looking for investments away from banks and buildings societies. Every town has some

Rolling back the years

An elderly couple from Somerset are proving the theory that if you look after something it will serve you well for years. Eric and Nancy Kingston bought a rolling pin when they got engaged in 1938 for just 6d. Nancy

Place for prayer and a postage stamp

For centuries your local church was the place for sanctity from the outside world, offering a peaceful environment to pray or meet your fellow community members. While this is still available, you might also find some added reasons to drop

The countryside – boring or what?

Fresh air, rambling fields, endless space to enjoy the great outdoors – apparently these are still not good enough for many Britons. New research by hotel chain Travelodge suggests that over half the nation thinks the countryside is ‘boring’ while

Finance not paying the bills

Jobs in the financial services industry are being slashed at the fastest rate since 1993, new research claims. We all know about the highly publicised cases such as banking mergers and the problems at the Royal Bank of Scotland. But

A masters in making yourself social

The seemingly unstoppable rise in the popularity of social networking websites like Facebook has prompted one university to launch a new masters qualification. For £4,400, Birmingham City University will spend a year teaching students the art of setting up a

Charity begins (and sometimes stays) at home

While Comic Relief 2009 enjoyed record donations, it seems not all is well in the charity sector. Just over half of those organisations working for the greater good in England and Wales have seen their work affected by the credit

Giving back to the community

Community orders, often used by magistrates as an alternative to prison, are laughed at by offenders and seen as a soft option. A study by Kings College Centre for Crime and Justice Studies says the orders, introduced four years ago,

Minimum price for your merlot or Martini

Binge drinking and alcoholism is always hitting the headlines, particularly when it involves teenagers and young adults. In a bid to combat the problem, Scottish ministers have announced they want to set a minimum price for booze to stop it

God and Darwin – what do your readers believe?

One in five Londoners believe God created Man while one in four Northern Irelanders subscribe to the same theory. Research shows the two regions are the most creationist while the East of England is the most science friendly with 44pc

House prices are still falling, right?

Regular visitors to the Story Ideas page may remember this one from March 2008. We told you about website Property Snake which details houses that are falling, rather than increasing, in price. Now a year later most estate agents would

Good will from a good will

America multi-billionairess Leona Helmsley died in 2007 and left some of her estate to dog charities. Now a New York judge has ruled that some of it can go to other good causes, including medical research and education. Have charities

Worshipping at a model temple

A farmer has spent over three decades creating a scale model of a biblical temple. But Alec Garrard, from Norfolk, fears that it will never be finished as he’s always finding new pieces to add. See some amazing photos of

Working late again?

It’s a well-used stat but we Brits work some of the longest hours of any EU country. But staying late, out of either love for the job or just plain necessity, may harm more than just your home and social

Pick up litter and pick up a voucher

A warm sense of self-satisfaction is now not the only reward youngsters can get for ‘doing their good deed’ for the day. Police in some parts of Devon have agreed to reward young people for picking up litter or helping