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Boston Target

What we have written about Boston Target

Weekly newspaper facing closure

Three jobs could go and an office close at East Midlands title

Lincs editor to retire after 50 years in newspapers

George Wheatman, editor of the SE Lincs Target Series, is to retire at the end of the year. The 66-year-old has spent more than 50 years working for newspapers in Boston, starting out as a trainee for the Lincolnshire Standard

Councillors told to avoid speaking to the press

Borough councillors in a Lincolnshire town are being ordered to consult their chief executive before talking to the press. In a letter leaked to the Boston Target, borough councillors are reminded of an “agreed protocol” whereby officers and councillors should

Complaint against letters page discussion is dismissed

A weekly paper that published a two-page letter which started a debate on immigration has escaped action following an investigation by the Press Complaints Commission. The Boston Target published a letter by a reader who withheld their name for publication,