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Friday Funnies: Subbing 'Cox-up' blamed on gremlin

We at HTFP Towers feel blessed as we’ve been able to bring you a set of Funnies for the past five Fridays. We’re pretty sure that this has never happened before and, you’ll be pleased to know, we still have a load more to bring you soon.

Thanks for sending them in and keep them coming to: [email protected].

Earlier this month on Friday Funnies we featured the following article from the Stratford Herald containing a rather unfortunate headline about a local venue, Cox’s Yard, which had slipped through the subbing net:

Inevitably, the Herald ran an apology a week later which revealed that the ‘vindictive gremlin’ responsible for the error had inadvertently made it one of the title’s best-read stories in years:

It seems his recent spell in therapy for sex addiction really has had an rather alarming effect on Tiger Woods (from Wall Street Journal):

Accusations that former England football captain John Terry has taken his taste in women slightly downmarket are apparently completely unfounded (from Times Online):

The headline on this Lincolnshire Free Press front page lead is a pretty damning indictment on the accompanying competition teaser:

And finally staying in the East Midlands county…the best we can say about this Boston Target picture caption is that it’s short, snappy, and doesn’t tell any porkies.

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