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Snap, tackle and oops: Photographer strays into rugby match

Nuneaton Telegraph photographer Robin Bidgood is always keen to be where the action is, but this time his enthusiasm took him into an embarrassingly close encounter.

Robin was covering a rugby match between Nuneaton Old Edwardians and Old Laurentians when he lost his bearings on the touchline and suddenly found himself on the pitch.

Old Edwardians wing Ben Helsby must have been surprised when Robin appeared to be the last line of defence but he managed to skip around the photographer for a crucial try.

In future Robin will surely be keeping his eye on the white lines – as well as the ball.

From the East Anglian Daily Times, apparently.

This one supposedly from an American magazine:

And while we’d heard of gremlins in the works, never Satan:

And from the good old Boston Target: Matty Kitchen, raiding down the right, cut into the box and ran at the Plough goal; the onrushing goalkeeper while winning the ball, lost his head and while attempting to clear his lines only succeeded in hitting the ball into his own net from the edge of the box.

And some old favourites from our archive:

Presumably he’d jumped, shot himself, taken an overdose and slashed his wrists?

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