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Quiet day in the office? In need of some inspiration to fill that slot on the features page? Check out our story ideas here and see if you can take news developments from around the UK and localise them for your patch.

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Those refs just keep getting younger

An 11-year-old boy has become the youngest qualified rugby referee and has just supervised his first proper match – a girls’ under-12 game in South London. The youngster admitted he did get some flak from the older coaches on the

Becoming the apprentice

At least 7,000 apprenticeships in the construction industry are to be created over the next three years, representing a £1bn Government investment. It is estimated that one in five young people will be learning a ‘trade’ from an employer by

New ways to get barred from pubs

A hospital A&E department in Lancashire has become the first in England and Wales to join the ‘Pubwatch’ scheme. The move means that anyone caught attacking or insulting A&E workers will be barred from 22 pubs and clubs in the

'Angry' from Bath gets even younger

A boy of just ten has written to his local councillor in Somerset pleading for a bench to be removed as it’s used as a social spot for local yobs to congregate. Councillors are quite used to receiving letters from

Battling the binge drinking

Self-regulation of the drinks industry has failed according to MPs, meaning stricter new laws are due to be introduced. Tougher powers will be given to police while some alcohol promotions in pubs will also be banned. The fine for boozing

More jobs at the job centre

Job centres earmarked for closure have been handed a lifeline after a sudden rise in unemployment. Around 6,000 extra staff are to be drafted in as well to cope with the influx of people on the job market. Take a

Beating the gambling bug

The first NHS clinic for compulsive gamblers has been launched in London. Running for a 12-month trial period, the National Problem Gambling Clinic will use motivational interviewing and behavioural therapy techniques alongside debt management. More than 250,000 people in the

Fit for (some) work

The traditional sick note is set to be replaced by a new ‘fit note’ under new proposals announced by the government. GPs will be able indicate that someone is able to carry out some work with employers assessing if someone’s

Crime victims and their compensation

Thousands of victims of violent crime are missing out on compensation, a committee of MPs has claimed. Apparently, only one in 20 victims apply for the compensation while just one in three is even aware they might be due some

TVs are going green

Television sets are on the verge of becoming a whole lot more environmentally friendly. Traditional liquid crystal display (LCD) screens could be replaced by a new ‘true blue’ material, currently being developed in South Korea. Take a trip to your

Plenty of parcels for brave troops

Huge numbers of gift parcels are being sent to service personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq as Christmas approaches. Since December last year to has been free for soldiers’ families to send gifts and in October the number of post bags

Shunning organic for cheaper alternatives

Organic food sales are on the slide with shoppers opting for cheaper, so-called less healthy alternatives, according to a new survey. Market research company Mintel says consumers are now starting to question the health benefits of the foods against paying

Seeing a boost in building

Doom and gloom in the property market might not be universal. House builder Barratt Developments is reporting an increase in visitor numbers after cutting prices and launching new marketing initiatives. Take a look around the new housing estates and developments

Suffering abuse on the wards

A former mental health nurse has been awarded £825,000 after she suffered physical abuse from her patients. The 38-year-old carer has lost some movement in one of her arms and suffered muscle damage to her neck, meaning she can’t work

Are Christmas decorations not what they used to be?

The credit crunch has even hit the world of Christmas trees. A small square in the Weoley Castle area of Birmingham is now housing a paltry looking 6ft tree minus lights and not much greenery – check out a photo

Slashing knife crime

The ever-present spectre of knife crime has come to the fore again with the stabbing of a 27-year-old man at a music awards ceremony in London. Labour MP Keith Vaz said that efforts to fight the rising trend were not