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Quiet day in the office? In need of some inspiration to fill that slot on the features page? Check out our story ideas here and see if you can take news developments from around the UK and localise them for your patch.

If you would like to share a story idea with our readers, you can email us at and we will upload it to the site.

Slashing knife crime

The ever-present spectre of knife crime has come to the fore again with the stabbing of a 27-year-old man at a music awards ceremony in London. Labour MP Keith Vaz said that efforts to fight the rising trend were not

Sprucing up the primary

More than 1,500 primary schools are due to be refurbished or newly-built in the next two years under plans worth £3.5bn. The cash injection is part of a wider scheme to update or rebuild half of England’s primary schools by

Throwing out the kids

Over 2,000 children were suspended from schools in England last year for attacking fellow pupils and teachers. The official Government figures show that 1,470 five-year-olds, 720 four-year-olds and 260 three-year-olds were either suspended or expelled in the past 12 months.

Next generation of blogging

An 11-year-old boy has become Britain’s youngest web editor. Ben Winchester set up – a blog about events and news for children in the Hampshire village where he lives. What local entrepreneurs are lurking on your patch? Is the

Mental stimulation for moggies

Animal lovers are being told to entertain their pets to prevent them getting lonely. New codes of practice published by the Government are now online for dog, horse and cat owners. Mental stimulation and ensuring they have access to suitable

Game for a laugh

Not every business is suffering because of the credit crunch, it would appear. Sales of video games are booming with punters after a little escapism away from the current gloomy outlook. It is estimated that video games the market will

Falling property prices

House prices fell in England and Wales by 7.3pc in the year leading up to October. The fall has taken prices back to the lowest levels for over two-and-a-half years. Have a look around your patch to see what’s happening

Seeing the light

Magnets are being used to stimulate the brain to aid sight restoration in visually-impaired people. Doctors using the groundbreaking technology have been able to give some people the experience of colour. Speak to your local hospitals and see what techniques

Paving the way to the internet

A £300m scheme to give internet access to children from poorer families has been approved. The pilot project will be trialled in Suffolk and Oldham from February and could go UK-wide next autumn. The Government’s thinking behind the project is

The badges that makes people blue

Blue badges – those allowing disabled drivers to park on yellow lines – are being abused according to ministers. It is believed that one in every 200 of the badges is stolen – in Birmingham alone illegal parking cost the

More misery for rail passenger?

The staple complaints of over charging and overcrowding on Britain’s trains looks set to get worse, according to a new report. The National Audit Office has warned rail travellers that taxpayer subsidies will most likely but slashed cut from £811m

Slow demise of the local language

Traditional UK regional dialects are dying out, according to new research. Experts believe that people struggling to understand geographical quirks of the English language are contributing to their demise. Whereas European parlance such as ‘Hasta la vista’ and ‘weiner’ has

Christmas before Halloween

Christmas seems to come earlier every year. The Gloucestershire town of Coleford has snowmen and seasonal lighting around the town a full two months before Christmas. The local council said it relies on volunteers putting up decorations in their freetime

No more freebies for women

Radical new plans are set to be introduced to curb excessive drinking. Promotions such as stopping free drinks for women are being put forward alongside cigarette-style health warnings and banning ‘Happy Hour’. Speak to police and local publicans to see

Tying stress up in knots

An East Midlands council is holding knitting classes for its employees to help combat stress and absenteeism. North East Derbyshire Council has decided to offer the courses after it emerged that an average of 9.75 sick days per employee were

The benefits of nursery education

Free nursery places are to be made available to all two-year-old children in a new scheme costing £1bn. It is thought up to 600,000 children will benefit from the new Government scheme which already operates for three and four-year-olds. Speak