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Daily reveals subscriptions boost thanks to fly on the wall TV documentary

A daily newspaper has received a boost in the number of subscribers as a result of a fly on the wall TV documentary about its newsroom.

Glasgow-based daily The National has revealed 80 new subscribers had signed for an annual print subscription within 24 hours of BBC Scotland documentary The Papers being screened on Wednesday night.

The programme followed the exploits of staff at the pro-Scottish independence daily, as well as those working on its Newsquest sister titles The Herald and Glasgow Evening Times.

During the show, filmmaker Sarah Howitt followed The National’s 12-strong permanent staff as they reacted to being barred from a Theresa May press conference in November last year – resulting in the below front page.

May front

Discussing the impact of the documentary’s screening, editor Callum Baird said: “We’re delighted by the reactions to this fantastic documentary, and even happier more people are getting behind what we do and supporting the continued success of Scotland’s only independence-supporting daily newspaper.”

Assistant editor Roxanne Sorooshian added: “The National is still the only independence-supporting daily newspaper in Scotland.

“The feedback we’ve had to the show has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re thrilled by the surge in new subscriptions, which helps us continue to invest in our journalism.

“We’d like to ask our readers to continue to support us as we prepare to enter our sixth year of publication.

“There will be a lot of stories to tell in the coming months, and it’s vital to our democracy that The National is on the news stands to tell them.”

Part two of the documentary will be aired on Wednesday, while part one can be viewed here.

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  • September 23, 2019 at 5:02 pm

    Correlation does not necessarily signify causation. Do they know for a fact these new subscriptions were entirely, directly and purely precipitated by the programme, or are they just assuming? Maybe some of the new subscribers remarked, or added notes saying, the decision was prompted by the programme, If they didn’t, it is a reasonable presumption – but just a presumption nevertheless.

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