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Reporter campaigns to halt procedure which left her a ‘physical wreck’

A regional journalist who claims she was left a “physical wreck” as a result of a medical procedure has launched a campaign for such operations to be halted.

Kath Sansom, a reporter for weekly titles the Cambs Times, Wisbech Standard and Ely Standard, has launched her Sling The Mesh drive after she underwent an operation to have what is known as a TVT mesh sling for bladder problems, following childbirth.

Since having the procedure in March, Kath says she has gone from an active mother of two to someone who struggles with daily pain.

The campaign, which also featured on the front page of Archant sister title the Royston Crow, calls for the operation to be suspended, or for a national register to be launched to track future problems.


Around 13,000 of the operations are carried out on the NHS each year. Kath wants to see the risks fully explained to women, and for government to tighten up legislation on passing medical devices.

Said Kath: “I have gone from a super fit 47-year-old who did boxing training twice a week, high board diving, swimming, mountain biking and dancing at gigs, to a physical wreck who can just about walk my dog round the park.

“At times my body feels like it is full of cut glass, I have burning and shooting pains, and going up a few stairs makes my legs ache terribly.

“I want to make women aware of the potential consequence of this operation as I do not want anybody else suffering as I and thousands of others are.”

She added: “I have spoken to women in wheelchairs and on crutches struggling to walk because of this operation. There are online support forums across the globe full of women suffering.

“It has potentially life-changing disabling consequences. Some women live in pain for the rest of their lives.

“When it goes wrong it goes spectacularly wrong – and it is not a risk worth taking.”

Further information on the campaign can be found on Kath’s blog.


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  • June 8, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    Thank you for this article, and sharing your story Kath!!
    In two years, I have collected more than 200 articles from different locations, abouth the mesh problems.
    When you take a look at this collection, you find out that it’s a worldwide problem!
    The doctors are aware, but Most of them ignore the fact that the mesh is the problem….the technique is the problem, ….
    More has to be done to stop this attacking on our deepest and most important part off our body!

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  • June 8, 2015 at 5:02 pm

    I for one almost died from the bladder Mesh, like Razor blades coming out of your vagina and the rest wadded up laying beside of my Bladder . So much pain with Rash and joints hurting had to have it removed the good doctor ( not the one that put it in ) could only get 95% of the Toxic plastic Mesh cause it was so for up into the muscle.. ( to dangerous to go after ) I’m so happy to get that much out of my body im blessed because there are some women that’s in worser shape from the Mesh than I am … I pray for them in every prayer … That Plastic Mesh should be outlawed and taken off the market . And the doctors that puts it in is just as guilty as the Mesh manufacturing co . Because they don’t explain to the patient that it’s plastic and the side effects that it could cause , they make it sound like a piece of cake .. THE PLASTIC MESH IS TOXIC AND DONT BELONG IN A HUMAN OR AN ANIMAL….THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT MESH .. IV BEEN THERE ..!!!!!

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  • June 8, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    Kath Sansom As a mesh injured women who has become mesh free in March of 2015. I was quite surprised when I saw the date of your implant. It angers me that you were not Fully informed of the adverse effects of Pelvic Mesh. I am also bothered that as a reporter you were duped into having this procedure, trusting your Doctor as Millions of us women did also. But in 2015 compared to the past, there is so much available information about Pelvic Mesh I am surprised you had the implant. I realize the Major or any Mass Media will not do the Story, they won’t touch it. But the Web is filled with Mesh Awareness Sites to help Women make the right choice when Pelvic Mesh is given as a choice for SUI or Bladder Prolapse. Thirdly I am outraged that a young women with children are implanted with these Pelvic Mesh Devices. What are they doing to you when you are delivering your babies that cause so much havoc to your pelvic system and then you need a hysterectomy and bladder repair. Something is not right. I know Pelvic Mesh is Defective and Toxic. Let’s make this Pelvic Mesh Story Headline. How many Millions more need to be permanently injured by these Untested Pelvic Mesh Devices. I wish for all mesh injured women to become mesh free by a specialist in Pelvic Reconstruction, only. Mesh is permanent and it takes a skilled surgeon that knows the Pelvic System in a women’s body to give a full removal. Partial Removals do more harm. My best wishes to all of you….Jan Urban USA Mesh Free 3/17/2015

    h injure

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  • June 11, 2015 at 12:04 am

    My Mesh was put in 2009 and was removed 2014. Still have issues with the ureter and pain in the hips where the anchors are still intack .. The good doctor made it clear that they were too embedded and it was too dangerous to go after .!!

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  • July 4, 2015 at 9:46 am

    Im so sorry you are going through this horrific time. It makes me want to cry, as i know what you are going through. My mesh sling was implanted in 2010, in Brisbane Australia. I too used to be so active with running, cycling, swimming boxercise, gym daily. All I can do is go for short walks. I’ve had numerous surgeries to investigate the cause of my pain, & to do partial removals of mesh. Also sterid cortisone injection in my pelvic muscles to relieve the pain. I have been taking neuropathic pain relief for 3 & half years, I cannot live without this medication. I hate the fact that I am relying on this very strong drug to live my life. I am going to have the rest of the mesh removed later in the year, as I cannot afford to have more surgery at the moment, we have lost our house in UK to pay for medical bills in Australia, as its private here. If we can stop one woman from having this implanted in them, it would be a blessing. This word needs to get around before other lives are ruined.

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