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Quiet day in the office? In need of some inspiration to fill that slot on the features page? Check out our story ideas here and see if you can take news developments from around the UK and localise them for your patch.

If you would like to share a story idea with our readers, you can email us at and we will upload it to the site.

What do the guests steal?

Which items are most often lifted from hotels and guests houses on your patch? Light-fingered guests have a lot to answer for but some really take the biscuit. Soaps and shampoo are regularly stolen but according to one Scarborough hotelier,

Holiday sacrifices

What would you be prepared to give up to go on that dream holiday? Or any holiday? As people find it tough to make ends meet they are prepared to make all kinds of sacrifices to ensure they and their

Students hit by crime

Student crime is an area which is rife, produces real statistics and is often overlooked by the media. Every year one third of students are victims of crime with burglary, robbery and theft the most common crimes. They are young,

Which communication channels?

How do Britain’s top managers prefer to communicate these days? There’s a whole range of media at their disposal, including post, phone, fax, text, twitter and e-mail. Try a poll of your local business leaders. Does e-mail make the senior

The oilseed rape story

We can all see it, we can all smell it but what’s the story behind the fields of oilseed rape? Britain’s farmland has burst into a patchwork of yellow fields as its vivid flowers blossom. The striking flowers, which make

How many homes do you know with an outside loo?

There could be more than you think: major cities have households into double figures where people have to brave the winter rain and cold to relieve themselves. Most are in privately rented properties, many occupied by elderly people. What’s the

Part of the union

Does your town have a credit union? They are clubs where locals get together to run a savings and loans scheme. The idea is that people save regularly and, after a qualifying period, are eligible to borrow at very low

Office space

To make your office space more personal, people create boundaries both on the floor and their desk, and personalise their workstation with photos and mementoes. Go into a big office and see how people make their “nest”. And talk to

Dust busters

No time for housework? Join the club. Franchises are cleaning up as more and more people get help with the weekly chores. But from £9.99 an hour could they ever do the job as well as you’d do it yourself?

Celebrities being bullied

Harrison Ford, Kate Winslet, Duncan Goodhew and Winona Ryder have all admitted publicly to the misery of being bullied at school. See if local figures on your patch will talk about their school experiences. will provide background info as

Getting your feet done

Do you know anyone who regularly “has their feet done”? Do people need to see chiropodists on a regular basis to have healthy feet? Are they just for the elderly or is there more to their life than ingrown toe

Lurking in the lunchbox

What is lurking inside children’s school lunchboxes? Apparently, parents are helping their youngsters go back to basics with jam sandwiches winning the contest against trendy foods such as salami or prawn rolls. The good news for parents is that they

Taking work on holiday

Many workers cannot leave the office behind – even when they’re on holiday. How many times have you seen holidaymakers with their mobile phones – using them to phone work. We bet your boss does! Then there’s the dread of

Shoppers' loyalty pays

How much do you like the big shops knowing about your spending habits? Loyalty cards at supermarkets are one thing. But what about shopping centre points cards, which spy on your purchases across a wide range of outlets? Some people

Bribery gets results

How much are parents in your area prepared to bribe kids to ensure good exam passes? The going rate in some areas is around £100 for getting the right results. With exam time upon us, see if you can get

Harmless flirting…?

Do YOU know an office flirt? We all do it, according to the experts – usually to get our own way. Apart from advancing your career it can achieve more simple results like getting the coffee made. It can also