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Quiet day in the office? In need of some inspiration to fill that slot on the features page? Check out our story ideas here and see if you can take news developments from around the UK and localise them for your patch.

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Who has the best publicity?

Campaign group PETA pulled another one of its high-profile publicity stunts when it placed a near-naked pregnant woman in a small cage in Covent Garden. PETA – which means People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – said it was

Traditional sweet becomes alternative Easter treat

Easter is nearly upon us and one chippie in Maidstone is taking a traditional treat to new culinary places. Phil Cornford is deep frying Cadbury’s Creme Eggs in batter, pushing the treats to new levels on the Richter scale of

A special kind of minister

Your local shopping centre is likely to have a special listening ear you might not have expected – as many now have a minister or chaplain. The same goes for your local league football club. There’s usually someone available if

Working into old age

Which companies have the kind of attitude that lets people work on… and on in your town? DIY giant B&Q is said to value experience but what are the other firms that have an upper age limit above retirement age?

There's gold in them there hills!!

A gardener in Exeter has been making some unusual discoveries while mowing his lawn, according to the Metro. John Hill moved into his bungalow 18 months ago and every time he does a spot of gardening, he unearths rare and

Early sign language

Did you know that children as young as seven months can learn sign language and start to communicate with you, even though they are not ready to talk at that stage? Find out more and check here for contacts.

Faulty goods

Trading standards officers around the country were recently fielding calls from people who received faulty goods for Christmas. Customers who find themselves lumbered with goods which are not up to scratch could be in line for a refund. What is

Spotting the druggies

School nurses and health centre receptionists are trained to spot drug addicts who may need help. People working at GP practices and in the community are given training. Find out about reception staff in your area getting trained up. Do

What sacrifices are being made?

With the season of abstinence now upon Christians, two bishops are urging people to go green this Lent. Bishop of London Richard Chartres and the Bishop of Liverpool James Jones are suggesting people spend 40 days without using plastic bags

Sporting heroes on your doorstep

It seemed like a lifetime away when the announcement was made in July 2005, but the London Olympics are now just over four years away. Those hoping to star for Britain in the Games may be as young as 13

Subtitled cinemas

Although subtitles are the norm on TV, DVD and video, for many, silent movies are still the norm at the cinema… without the old captions that helped to explain the plot. Deaf people are generally excluded from the popular social

Making the most of gifted children

There are thought to be around 700,000 gifted children around the UK. They are not the chess grandmasters, maths geniuses or violin experts – but youngsters from ordinary families in ordinary schools, who need specialist help to achieve their full

Does the smoking ban harm the health of your bingo hall?

Bingo halls could be under threat due to a drop in business caused by the smoking ban, according to research out today. Admissions are set to drop by eight per cent over the next year as many players choose to

Sportsmen take things to the extreme!!

Zany thrill seekers in Austria have invented a new extreme sport. Not content with producing some of the best skiers in the world, they are now throwing themselves down mountains with a parachute attached to their backs. Called ‘Speedriding’, the

Who's the tearaway where you work?

Police nationwide are to target known young tearaways to stop them turning into habitual offenders. If this is so, then there must be local projects run by police on your patch. Could it be funding for a new youth centre

Setting up a wildlife garden

Local Wildlife Trusts across the country are falling over themselves to help people set up their own wildlife gardens at home. They have all the information, tips and challenges to help turn gardens, or a corner of one, into a