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Media law is ever changing and this index will strive to keep you abreast of developments in this complex and important area of journalism.

Our fortnightly column looking at the latest law issues, written by specialist media lawyers from Foot Anstey, also appears here.

The News hails a "victory for press freedom"

Havant Borough Council has failed in an attempt to block The News from publishing the pictures of three town hall staff who were made redundant. After the Portsmouth newspaper printed photographs of the three axed council directors, whose departures could

Law exam shake-up will better equip journalists

A shake-up of preliminary law exams for students under the National Council for the Training of Journalists will come into effect from September, with a more demanding set of papers. The changes will be discussed at a law seminar, with

Legal challenge could see "libellous" report go public

The Western Morning News has issued a legal challenge to the Government over its attempt to “cover up” a secret report. Transport Minister David Jamieson has refused to publish a document commissioned by the Highways Agency about the Saltash Tunnel

Youth was not identified:ET wins court victory

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph has won a court case after the judge threw out a claim that the paper identified a youth responsible for a vicious assault on a pensioner. The decision to go to court has been attacked by

Society says no to anonymity for rape defendants

The Government is being urged to remove an amendment to the Sexual Offences Bill which would provide anonymity for rape defendants. Clause Two of the bill, which is currently passing through the Commons, would allow those charged with rape the

Evening paper's Qatar battle over

An Arab leader has dropped his appeal against the lifting of reporting restrictions on a case concerning arms cash deposits by the Middle Eastern state of Qatar. In December the Jersey Evening Post won a battle to persuade the Royal

Evening paper loses appeal over picture of youth

The Plymouth Evening Herald has lost its appeal against a court ruling which said a photograph it published identified a 15-year-old boy even though it was partially blacked out. In January the paper was fined £1,500 after it was found

Behaviour order 'first' breaks new ground for Telegraph

The name of a youth who was handed Grimsby’s first anti-social behaviour order has been revealed in the press thanks to a legal challenge from the Evening Telegraph. Magistrates ruled it would be in the public interest to identify him,

Manchester agency persuades judge to reverse naming ban

Manchester-based Cavendish Press staged a courtroom intervention when a judge ruled that a man on trial for rape could not be named under the Children and Young Persons Act. Judge Adrian Lyon agreed to defence counsel’s request for a Section

Paper clears up legal muddle on 'adult' in youth court

The South Shields Gazette has set a legal precedent in its fight to identify a young defendant. Because the defendant was 17 at the time of his offence, he was dealt with by South Tyneside Youth Court – but he

Teen hooligans named thanks to Courier

A legal application by the Halifax Courier has led to the identity of two teenage hooligans being revealed in print. The paper was keen to report on a pair of youngsters, aged 14 and 15, who were both given anti-social

Evening Post names teenage drug dealer

The South Wales Evening Post has named a teenage drug dealer after it made a successful request to identify him. The 17-year-old was sentenced at Swansea Crown Court, but could not be named in press reports of the case after

Named at last

The Evening Gazette has finally been able to name a 14-year-old who was made the subject of an anti-social behaviour order. In December the paper was prevented from identifying the boy by district judge James Prowse, sitting at Teesside Magistrates

Herald fined £1,500 over picture of youth

The Plymouth Evening Herald has been fined £1,500 after a court ruled that a photograph published in the paper identified a 15-year-old boy – even though it was partially blacked out. The newspaper had denied a summons, under Section 49

Robber identified as Mail persuades judge

A newspaper argued that a 17-year-old knife-wielding robber should be identified in the press because the public should be made aware of who had carried out the crimes – and he could hardly be described as “vulnerable”. He was appearing

Judge makes a U-turn on his U-turn – and bans the press

A judge who reversed a decision on what could and could not be reported at certain drugs hearings at Gloucester Crown Court has expelled the press – after changing his mind again. Judge Gabriel Hutton agreed to re-admit the press