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Media law is ever changing and this index will strive to keep you abreast of developments in this complex and important area of journalism.

Our fortnightly column looking at the latest law issues, written by specialist media lawyers from Foot Anstey, also appears here.

Investigation under way over press naming of rape victim

Police are investigating an allegation of contempt of court after a rape victim was inadvertently named by a Surrey newspaper. Under the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 1976, the victims of certain sexual offences – including rape – have anonymity for

Top lawyer's contempt warning aims to clarify law

The Attorney General has outlined a series of ten guidelines for the media in an attempt to prevent prejudicial coverage of high-profile court cases. The controversial remarks came from Lord Goldsmith at a Law For Journalists Conference. He tackled examples

Teenage tearaway asks to be named by press

A Middlesbrough newspaper was able to identify a 13-year-old who received a five-year anti-social behaviour order after, in an unusual twist, the girl chose to be named. The Evening Gazette reported how the girl had carried out catalogue of attacks,

Five teenage gang members named after editor's request

The Melton Times has won the right to print the names and pictures of five teenage gang members given anti-social behaviour orders by the courts. Editor Andy Plaice wrote to Leicester Crown Court in advance of their appearance and Judge

Editor slams judge's decision to stop thug being pictured

An editor has slammed a judge’s decision to allow his newspaper to name a teenage thug – but not publish the boy’s photograph. The Nottingham Evening Post won the right to name a 14-year-old boy who has been made the

Court ruling "shows contempt for the public"

The Lancashire Evening Post has slammed magistrates who ruled that the paper could not publish specific details about a boy made the subject of an anti-social behaviour order. The Johnston Press-owned newspaper successfully overturned a court order which would have

Press wins legal battle to identify teen

The Port Talbot Guardian has won a legal battle to identify a teenager who brought months of misery to residents. He had previously been handed an anti-social behaviour order banning him from the town centre, which he breached. The 16-year-old

Press can name over-18s in youth courts, says High Court

Northeast Press has won a landmark ruling to name teenage offenders who appear before youth courts after they have reached the age of 18. The High Court said the test case of teenager David Lee Todd, who was named by

Do you know your employment law?

An employment law seminar for newspaper staff is to be hosted by The Newspaper Society next month. Chaired by Northcliffe’s Ken Thompson, the event will include presentations on discrimination law, stress-related absence, employee information and consultation, and the Data Protection

Five-year ban reported after judge lifts ID order

A court move by the Evening Gazette prompted the judge to lift an anonymity order on a 13-year-old hit with an anti-social behaviour order. The Middlesbrough paper reported on the five-year ban from streets around his home – and was

Reporter persuades judge to lift name ban

Two 14-year-olds who committed a series of horrific burglaries putting theirvictims in fear of their lives have been named in the Bolton Evening News. Reporter Paul Britton prepared a letter to hand to the Crown Court judge toback up his

Legal action launched over murdered schoolboy pic

Legal action has begun against national newspapers and picture agencies which used an exclusive front page Grimsby Telegraph photo of murdered Luke Walmsley, who was stabbed to death at school. The Telegraph has consulted lawyers and sent letters to the

Rape victim named in error by local paper

A newspaper has inadvertently named a rape victim in a court trial report. The error happened in an Epsom Guardian report during the trial of a male nurse accused of raping a patient. The naming occurred in the ninth paragraph

'Terror' twosome identified by Gazette

The identity of two teenage sisters who have been terrorising people in Basingstoke have been revealed – thanks to The Basingstoke Gazette. It succeeded in getting magistrates to agree to lift reporting restrictions on the sisters, aged 17 and 15,

Learn more about the law

A training course to help editors and newspaper executives keep up to date with the law is to take place in London. The programme for November 14 is due to cover the Human Rights Act, libel, contempt of court, the

Home Secretary is asked to cancel naming ban on youth

The Manchester Evening News is writing to Home Secretary David Blunkett after a court refused to consider an application to name a 17-year-old in court for dangerous driving. The youth almost killed a 67-year-old lollipop lady and left a young