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Media law is ever changing and this index will strive to keep you abreast of developments in this complex and important area of journalism.

Our fortnightly column looking at the latest law issues, written by specialist media lawyers from Foot Anstey, also appears here.

Herald steps in to secure lifting of court restrictions

The Craven Herald secured the lifting of reporting restrictions on a teenager who was handed Skipton’s first anti-social behaviour order. The boy is now no longer able to indulge in threatening behaviour anywhere in the town – unless he wants

Reporter wins court fight to name persistent teen offender

Wakefield Express court reporter Charlie Bullough has cut through the red tape surrounding bolt-on anti-social behaviour order cases to win the right to name a persistent young offender. The Section 49 order protecting 16-year-old Ashley Atkinson, who was made the

17-year-old named after paper intervenes

An identification ban on a 17-year-old, who was in court after a spree of violent and intimidating behaviour, was lifted at the request of the Evening Gazette on Teesside. The judge at Teesside Magistrates Court agreed that naming the youth

Principle of open justice 'under attack' – editor

The South Wales Argus has again been hit by a “back door” bid to ban the identification of adult defendants accused of offences against children. For the third time in recent months a Gwent council has sought – and been

Papers face legal action after naming murder suspect

The Press and Journal and Edinburgh Evening News are facing legal action after publishing the name of a 15-year-old charged with the murder of teenager Jodi Jones. The papers are being investigated for naming someone under the age of 16

Reporter's argument on S39 order persuades the judge

Scarborough Evening News reporter Richard Harris has successfully argued that a court order should not be imposed in a case involving cruelty to a baby. It was his second successful legal identification challenge in a few months. In a letter

What journalists should know about data protection

Journalists are being invited to attend a seminar to learn more about how the Data Protection Act relates to their job. Hosted by Rowe Cohen solicitors, the Vital Topics seminar will aim to equip journalists with accurate and relevant legal

Soham father named 'in interests of open justice'

Confusion over a Soham father who assaulted his baby girl was averted when Ely Standard reporter Elaine King successfully applied in court to have the infant named. She argued that without the relationship being shown, it may have looked in

'Human rights' fears hinder bid to expose shoplifters

Human rights legislation is preventing a newspaper from publishing pictures of shoplifters banned from more than 200 city shops. The York Evening Press has published a ‘hit list’ of the top ten serial shoplifters in York. The thieves – all

Naming decision is welcomed

A North Derbyshire newspaper has welcomed a judge’s decision to allow the naming of a doctor who secretly filmed a family as they undressed in a swimming pool changing room. District Judge John Friel lifted a naming ban on the

Teenage tearaway named after successful court plea

The Dorking Advertiser has won the right to name a teenage tearaway who urinated on students’ tents and threw stones into a school swimming pool. The Trinity Mirror newspaper made a successful court plea, arguing that the 17-year-old boy, who

Women waive anonymity to tell of sex assaults

The Halesowen News has carried first person stories from two indecent assault victims after they agreed to waive their anonymity to tell their tale in the paper. They came forward after a perverted plumber walked free from court despite clocking

Reporter wins right to name teenage hammer attacker

The Southport Visiter has won the right to name a teenager jailed for nine years after attacking his grandmother with a claw hammer. Reporter Greg O’Keeffe successfully applied to overturn a Section 39 Order at Liverpool Crown Court. He argued

Investigation under way over press naming of rape victim

Police are investigating an allegation of contempt of court after a rape victim was inadvertently named by a Surrey newspaper. Under the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 1976, the victims of certain sexual offences – including rape – have anonymity for

Top lawyer's contempt warning aims to clarify law

The Attorney General has outlined a series of ten guidelines for the media in an attempt to prevent prejudicial coverage of high-profile court cases. The controversial remarks came from Lord Goldsmith at a Law For Journalists Conference. He tackled examples

Teenage tearaway asks to be named by press

A Middlesbrough newspaper was able to identify a 13-year-old who received a five-year anti-social behaviour order after, in an unusual twist, the girl chose to be named. The Evening Gazette reported how the girl had carried out catalogue of attacks,