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Regional daily plays ‘Trick or Treat’ with readers to mark Halloween

A regional daily celebrated Halloween by changing its name for the day and playing ‘Trick or Treat’ with its readers.

The Dundee Evening Telegraph became the ‘Evening Terrorgraph’ for one day only, while changing its tagline from ‘Dundee Born and Read’ to ‘Dundee Born and Dread’ for the occasion.

The ‘Terrorgraph’ also used owner DC Thomson’s printing technology, which allows for the creation of bespoke editions of newspapers, to help mark the festivities.

Readers of the newspaper could scan a barcode to receive either a ‘Trick’, such as a bag of sweets, or a cash prize ‘Treat’ in honour of the day.

Evening Terrorgraph

Editor Dave Lord told HTFP: “We are normally the Evening Telegraph with the tagline Dundee Born and Read but, for one day only, the temptation to become the Evening Terrorgaph and Dundee Born and Dread was simply overwhelming.

“To tie in with the name change we had a special roadshow where copies of the paper were each printed with a unique barcode.

“Customers could then get the barcode scanned and were rewarded with a trick (such as a bag of sweets) or a treat, in the shape of a cash prize.

“The name change was really well received by our readers – they clearly love Halloween as evidenced by the hundreds of pictures they sent in for our very special ‘Hallloween Hell-fies’ pull-outs.”

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  • November 4, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    Jeez, does this American event have to permeate everywhere? Changing the masthead for this beggars belief!

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