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New weekly launches for people who ‘no longer have time for daily paper’

An independent publisher has launched a new paid-for weekly title aimed at people who “no longer feel they have time” for a daily newspaper.

The Midland News Association’s Shropshire Weekly launches today, promising to offer “essential writing around life and culture in Shropshire and surrounding areas”.

Four jobs have been created as a result of the launch, with the new paper due to be sold through retailers and postal home delivery at a cover price of £2.50.

Thom Kennedy has left his role as business editor at MNA-owned daily the Shropshire Star to edit the magazine, while Nathan Rowden has also moved from the publisher’s digital team to work on it.

Shropshire Weekly editor Thom Kennedy, left, with Shropshire Star editor Martin Wright

Shropshire Weekly editor Thom Kennedy, left, with Shropshire Star editor Martin Wright

Said Thom: “We are thrilled to be producing a magazine that shines a light on life in Shropshire, and that readers will find useful, exciting, bold and appealing. It has people at its heart, and we want readers to share their experiences, stories and recommendations about life in our county.

“Shropshire Weekly is like nothing else that exists at the moment, and will provide a fresh new voice for local people. We are all hugely excited to be playing a part in the launch of a publication representing this great county.

“We are going to be looking at the country’s food scene, the great outdoors, its sporting endeavours plus cultural life. We will cover stories, debate issues, and look at the best experiences Shropshire has to offer.”

Michelle Dalton and Nick Humphrey have also been recruited as full-time editorial staff alongside Thom and Nathan, and the team will report to Shropshire Star editor Martin Wright.

Regular contributors and columnists for Shropshire Weekly will include BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Hawkins, Michelle Owen, from Sky Sports, and John Hughes, of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Martin said: “In the current publishing climate, launching a new magazine is a brave move but is one that shows we are committed to the print industry. We hope that everyone in the county of Shropshire will join us and share their experiences.”

MNA print managing director Graeme Clifford added: “The MNA is committed to print and this product will showcase the very best of Shropshire.

“We hope Shropshire Weekly will appeal to local people, particularly those who no longer feel they have the time for a daily newspaper, and we look forward to helping it to grow.”

James Pugh has replaced Thom as the Star’s business editor.


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  • March 2, 2018 at 9:24 am

    any new publication must be welcomed in these dark days for local journalism.
    But people “not having time for a daily paper”? No-one is that busy. It is just that the news world has changed towards digital and the dailies (and a lot of weeklies) are so much poorer in content

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  • March 2, 2018 at 9:48 pm

    Give it 3 months! No-one is going to pay £2.50 A week for this rubbish. You are desperately flitting from one thing to another with no clear logic or reason.
    The MNA is beyond saving
    Only a matter of time.

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  • March 10, 2018 at 10:32 pm

    Even my local newsagent is laughing about it! Can’t give them away.  No focus, quality of paper is embarrassing.  The MNA is flitting from one thing to another to try and keep afloat.  Promotional videos, websites.   Oh I know what we will do now the distribution of the Shropshire Star has hit an all time low. A magazine ??. A few hyper local quality magazines have launched across Shropshire wiping the floor with the MNA, offering quality local content taking any advertising they once had.  The directors and management at the MNA couldn’t run a bath, let alone try and launch a new product.  I give it 2 months! The best thing to do would be to sell Queen Street carpark to the NCP and Ketley for housing.  Can the last one out turn the lights off. And all the management sitting smug thinking they have a job for life, good look when you are surplus to requirements trying to find a job in the real world to match your inflated salaries ??

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  • March 11, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    Absolute dross! Picked a copy up free and it went straight in the recycling bin. I would be embarrassed putting my name to it, let alone being pictured with a copy! I’m sure this will be the final nail in the MNA coffin. Cannot believe this ridiculous idea even got out of the boardroom. A laughing stock across Shropshire.

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