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Former trainee bounces back with magazine launch

An ex-trainee reporter who recovered from a nervous breakdown has published the first issue of her own women’s magazine.

Ana Hine, formerly of Dundee daily the Evening Telegraph, had launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to get her Artificial Womb project off the ground, with 85 backers donating a total of £1,691 to her cause.

The magazine launched officially on 8 July and so far the first issue is available in ten UK cities – Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and London.

A second issue comes out on 1 August, with a launch party at Hydra Bookshop in Bristol, while a subscription service has also been set up.


Ana was employed at the Evening Telegraph from March 2014 to February this year, but had been signed off work with stress, anxiety and depression.

She says she was unable to get out of bed for a month following her breakdown.

Ana added: “I just didn’t believe in what I was doing. In fact, I felt seriously conflicted about the stories I was writing.

“I couldn’t align my personal politics with the job I was being paid to do and I became suicidal.”

While bed-ridden, art college graduate Ana began sorting through her old cuttings, which included a feminist arts magazine called Artificial Womb.

She has printed five issues of the magazine last spring, an example of which is pictured above, with help from her boyfriend Alfie Pound.

Each issue will feature five or six different writers and artists who will contribute on a freelance basis.

Ana says she hopes the magazine will give “more of a voice to women in discussions of health, politics and the arts”.

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  • July 30, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    Great to see something positive emerging from what was surely a dark and a difficult episode in someone’s life. In our dissatisfaction with the mainstream media, it may not have occurred to many of us that amongst the first of those affected, by, e.g., their partisan posturing, scapegoating, toadying and/or salaciousness, are those who attempt to work honestly in them.

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