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First issue of newspaper hits streets with 10,000 print run

A newspaper set up to a serve a town in the wake of another title’s closure has gone to print for the first time.

The 48-page first edition of The Wokingham Paper hit the streets on Friday with a print run of 10,000.

The initial issue, priced 50p is a trial monthly edition, with a second edition to be published on 24 April with the aim of going weekly thereafter.

The Paper was set up by Phil Creighton, whose former paper the Wokingham Times closed in December as part of Trinity Mirror cutbacks, leaving the Berkshire Media Group’s Wokingham News as the only remaining newspaper in the town.

Woky Paper issue 1

Said Phil: “I’m delighted that the first issue of The Wokingham Paper has gone on sale today. Birthing a newspaper is always a difficult process and it’s fair to say there were some blood, sweat and tears coming from our office yesterday.

“The team are true professionals, working extremely hard under challenging conditions to give the people of Wokingham the best possible newspaper.

The first issue contains more than 140 local stories, including a scoop about a US Olympic rower being reunited with his ring after 20 years.

The Paper, which began life under the working title of the Wokingham Independent, also takes a look at traffic problems in the area and ongoing regeneration schemes.

Phil added: “For a launch edition, it looks fantastic. Add in some brilliant columnists, heaps of exclusive pictures and a couple of family-friendly contests and it’s a bargain: 48 pages of local news for just 50p.

“Now we’ve got the debut issue out there it’s on to that difficult second album.”


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  • March 30, 2015 at 8:47 am

    Good luck with the project and I don’t wish to be critical, but the top picture referring to Lads includes two members of the fairer sex if my eyes don’t deceive. So the headline and/or picture choice is clumsy/ambiguous – or I am just old school and need to chill!

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  • March 30, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    I have just bought a copy – and it’s a promising first edition.
    It is good to see several former local journalists being employed.
    Just a pity got to wait a month for issue #2
    However …….
    Phil should think about employing a proof reader or has a word with his subs, as there are few mistakes in news and sport.
    Incidentally, the sports section included around 10 stories from outside the Wokingham borough.
    Of the 48 pages, 5 are self promoting.
    On one and I quote: “Meet the editor at our launch party. Contribution amount: £250. Reward: “Have a special invite to our launch party and meet Phil!”
    Surely, no new editor of a new paper should be charging people to speak to him. Those attending the launch will be worried about going up to him in case Phil asks them for the cash!
    But that said, good luck to him and his staff and I hope the paper proves successful and has a long life.

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  • March 31, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    Good luck with finding news in Wokingham. Must be very dedicated to the community.

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  • April 3, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    As more and more Local papers are closing across the UK,The Wokingham Paper will be the Number one read for the local Community of Wokingham. and surrounding areas Our older folk had there local paper taken from them and now we have given them it back plus every.Our reports are made up of X Wokingham Times and Reading Evening Post staff and our Chief Photographer who has the nose for local ground breaking news photos. The photo team is lead by Paul King at Home Counties. Press Agency Paul is a household name within local News papers and with Alamy Live News..
    We have the best news writers and best photo team working on The Wokingham paper.
    We have a very big following on facebook /The Wokingham paper

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