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Five Trinity Mirror titles show monthly sales rises

Five regional newspapers owned by Trinity Mirror have shown month-on-month sales rises in the latest ABC figures published today.

Trinity Mirror moved most of its big-city daily and Sunday titles to monthly auditing earlier this year in line with its national newspapers.

Today’s figures show five of the 14 titles audited increased their circulations in July compared to the previous month.

They are the Sunday Sun, Newcastle, the South Wales Echo, Wales on Sunday, the Sunday Mercury and the Coventry Telegraph.

The Sunday Sun led the way with a 4.1pc rise in circulation to 38,160, with Wales on Sunday posting a 2.5pc increase and the Sunday Mercury 2.4pc.

Of the other titles, all but two saw their rate of circulation decline slow during July, the exceptions being the Western Mail and the Evening Gazette, Teesside.

The full figures are as follows:

Title July 2013 Change June 2013
Birmingham Mail    40,274 -2.1pc 41,157
Coventry Telegraph   26,774 0.7pc 26,600
Huddersfield Daily Examiner   17,027 -0.5pc 17,115
Liverpool Echo     72,491 -0.9pc 73,168
Manchester Evening News     71,319 -0.5pc 71,642
Newcastle Evening Chronicle  41,061  -0.3pc 41,176
North Wales Daily Post   27,469 -0.8pc 27,699
South Wales Echo    26,211 1.1pc 25,934
Sunday Mercury   30,460  2.4pc 29,755
Sunday Sun    38,160 4.1pc 36,642
Teesside Evening Gazette    30,880 -2.1pc 31,527
The Journal     19,737 -0.9pc 19,926
Wales on Sunday  22,069 2.5pc 21,526
Western Mail  23,365 -1.0pc 23,598


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  • August 9, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    No, just be grateful you’ve got a great editor now

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  • August 9, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    This is ridiculous. Month on month sales are meaningless because they are governed by seasonal trends. The only figure that matters is year on year. The advertisers are not that stupid.

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  • August 11, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    Mr Brightside is spot on. T-M are attempting to make the figures appear to be better than the real picture by taking them ‘down to the ridiculous’ in the same way that sharp car salespeople will represent finance payments as weekly figures, making them appear more affordable than the reality of the situation. Perhaps next year they’ll show us side by side figures from this year?

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