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Quiet day in the office? In need of some inspiration to fill that slot on the features page? Check out our story ideas here and see if you can take news developments from around the UK and localise them for your patch.

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Helping people enjoy a 'wheelie' good night

There’s nothing more socially unpleasant than a row of drunk men (and sometimes women) urinating into shop doorways or onto streets during nights out on the town. But police and Eastleigh Borough Council, in Hampshire, are considering putting up wheelie

Is pollution really polluting your population?

Nearly 50,000 people die each year unnecessarily through air pollution. Health costs to society as a result of pollution could be equal to those dealing with alcohol abuse. Speak to local NHS bodies, health and ‘green’ groups and care associations

Finding people 'armed' with good skills

Hire a Hero – a company which helps ex-military personnel find work – is apparently being inundated with offers. Read more about it here. Surely businesses on your patch could make use of former military staff…if they aren’t already. Have

A 'bleeping' ridiculous idea?

New government plans could see children undergo annual fitness tests including the dreaded ‘bleep tests’. Bleep tests involve running between two markers before a bleep sounds with the intervals becoming increasingly shorter. They are used by, among others, emergency services

Age ain't nothing but a number

People in their 90s could be allowed to sit on juries after proposals to scrap age limits were mooted. But fears have been raised that elderly people would struggle to follow court cases – read more about it here. Is

Some places are just streets ahead

A centuries-old cobbled shopping street in York has been voted the nation’s most picturesque. The Shambles topped the poll in the Google Street View Awards ahead of picturesque spots in Bath and Newcastle. Did your town get a look in

'Glad' to be in employment

Sainsbury’s checkout girl Gladys Smith has just celebrated her 90th birthday. The nonagenarian started working for the supermarket chain in Basingstoke 22 years ago to earn a bit of extra Christmas cash. Read more about her here. Take a look

Aggressive children and stressed out teachers

The behaviour of primary school children is becoming more aggressive while a quarter of teachers are suffering mental health problems as a result. These and other startling findings are the result of research conducted by the Association of Teachers and

Making diagnosis a bit smarter

Paramedics and ambulance staff in America are to be given smartphones to speed up medical diagnosis. The phones are fitted with imaging software which enables staff to take pictures of internal organs and transmit them to hospital doctors. While “rural

Pawnbroker is far from broke

No-one takes glee in tales of financial misery affecting individuals during a recession but (perhaps) it would be difficult to have too much sympathy for the super rich. A pawnbroker from Oxford appears to be swamped with sports cars, fancy

No-one exempt from stop and search

Police stop and searches on ten-year-old children has doubled in the past year in the capital, new stats suggest. A total of 755 children were stopped by police during the 2008-09 financial year which is a record. Some more facts

A cautionary tale about cautions

Tens of thousands of criminals are receiving several cautions a year. And new figures suggest that, during 2008, 3,013 got four or more cautions in a single year while in general there’s a rise in the number of people receiving

Punish the parents playing with the truth

Up to 3,500 parents make fraudulent or misleading claims on applications in order to get their kids into popular schools. Tougher action is needed to curb the trend, says the chief adjudicator Ian Craig – read about it here. Mr

Clocking the rise of accidents

It’s that time of year again when the clocks go back and British Summer Time becomes a distant memory. The arguments about its merits will rage on every year but a new study has waded in with figures relating to

Peaking populations on your patch?

Population growth and immigration has been high up the news agenda during 2009 and the Office of National Statistics now believes the UK could hit the 71m mark by 2033. This is less than half the time it took for