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Editor’s Wordle struggle sparks Boris Johnson splash

An editor’s struggle with puzzle phenomenon Wordle provided her with inspiration for a splash.

The Sunday National ran the front page as part of its coverage of the PartyGate scandal as pressure mounts on Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The pro-Scottish independence paper was inspired by the web-based word game, which has more than two million players worldwide.

Among them is the Sunday National’s new editor Roxanne Sorooshian.

National Wordle

Roxanne, who took up her role last month, told HTFP: “I had a particularly bad Wordle on Friday. The idea for the front came to me as I stared at my screen at 6am struggling to solve the puzzle.

“The pressure was on… my husband had already completed in three. Not that we’re competitive, you understand.

“The PartyGate story has been going on for so long now that it demanded a fresh treatment for Sunday.

“I suppose the challenge of designing front pages when there’s only been one story in town –particularly when you only have one a splash a week – is to avoid the Groundhog effect and grab the attention of your audience, both on the newsstands and on social.”

Roxanne, who was previously deputy editor of the Newsquest-owned paper’s sister daily The National, added: “Sunday’s front was shared around the world and had thousands of likes and retweets and hundreds of thousands of impressions.

“Wordle is so of the moment, it was definitely worth harnessing its popularity for our splash. And the page was immensely fun to do.

“I finally got Friday’s Wordle in five, but the perseverance was worth it come Sunday.”

The Sunday National previously turned Mr Johnson’s election-winning slogan of ‘Get Brexit Done’ against him.

The Newsquest-owned newspaper ran with the headline ‘Get Exit Done’ last month after a poll found the majority of Scottish people think the PM should resign over the Downing Street parties.