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Six jobs go as regional publisher streamlines production

KMAround six jobs have been lost at a weekly newspaper group as a result of changes to production processeses and a managerial restructure.

The KM Group, now part of Iliffe News and Media, has confirmed the recent redundancies which affected both editorial and commercial staff.

It is understood that the two editorial roles lost were those of a sports sub-editor and a villages editor responsible for sub-editing community pages.

In addition some ad design roles have been lost and others reassigned while two commercial managerial roles were made redundant as a result of a restructure.

An Iliffe spokesman said: “We can confirm two redundancies have been made in editorial following our investment in new technology to simplify production processes.

“Our KM Create department is now focusing on website builds rather than design work, whilst two managerial positions in commercial have been made redundant as a result of a restructure.

“We are obviously very sad to see colleagues leave, but are continuing to invest in other areas of the business and are recruiting for new positions.

“In addition, our recently created Kent editorial design hub now produces newspaper and magazine pages across the group. Previously this work was outsourced to different providers.”


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  • December 17, 2018 at 11:33 am

    So it begins. It looks like Iliffe aren’t immune to ‘progress’ and the redundancies that the rest of the industry is suffering from. Beads of sweat gathering on the brows of staff who thought it would be different there. Focusing on website builds indeed. Well good luck with that and best not pin your hopes on bringing in a fortune from that revenue stream.

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  • December 17, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    I don’t think anyone working at the once bigger regional publishers in the uk can consider themselves as being exempt from the old heave ho.
    So many who felt they were have been shocked to be proven wrong and found themselves at meetings with the boss and an HR representative only to be told that due to consolidation/cost reductions/mergers/departmental reviews ( delete as applicable) their services are no longer…
    In my experience,apart from those with a naive view of how important their job is to the company or those who really believe the axe won’t fall on them, most staff are casting their nets wide and seeking ‘ new opportunities ‘ or have already have exit plans in place already , it’s certanly no longer an industry which offers a future.

    Good luck to those affected at Iliffe

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