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Local monthly magazine closes 18 months after pilot edition

heartlanderA regional interest magazine has gone into liquidation less than 18 months after its pilot edition was produced.

The Heartlander, which covered the Perthshire area of the Scottish Highlands, was set up last year with a launch edition produced in June 2015.

However, Highland Perthshire Media Limited, a not-for-profit society which runs the magazine, says the income from sales has not been enough to cover the cost of producing the monthly publication.

The magazine employed a full-time paid editor, designer, finance assistant and marketing assistant. The organisation hopes to begin publication again in future, but has not yet set a specific time frame for this.

A statement on the Highland Perthshire Media website reads: “After the first paid-for edition was published in October 2015, we received significant support from many quarters. Readers were enthusiastic about the content of the articles and many people offered to provide contributions. Gradually sales have been rising each month as more people became aware of The Heartlander’s existence.

“Unfortunately, income from sales is not enough to cover the cost of producing such a high quality monthly magazine. We have been relying on income from advertisers to provide a significant proportion of the required revenue. Sadly, this has not materialised despite support from some high profile businesses in Perth.

“At an HPM Board meeting on Monday 6 June 2016, it was decided to suspend publication of The Heartlander. After taking legal advice, HPM has now been put into liquidation.

“We hope that one day there may be better financial support for our magazine and that The Heartlander will start publication once again.”


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  • December 14, 2016 at 7:29 am

    Its always sad to hear of any new publishing venture closing however I notice amongst the staff there is no mention of a “sales ” person? (unless an ad rep is called a “marketing assistant ” nowadays?)
    If the reason for the collapse is due to lack of sustainable revenues and with presumably a limited staff cost budget,then maybe a commercial ad rep would have been a better investment than say a “financial assistant”
    In my experience many go it alone editorial folk believe advertising comes in through the door,it doesnt. yes business people love a journalist who will give them editorial coverage or feature their business for free in the paper,but when it comes to paying then theyre not so interested,something which never fails to amaze those i know who find themselves in the harsh world of independent commercial publishing.

    a sales person with good contacts,a proactive approach,with a business mind and who knows the area and understands its businesses and markets,coupled with a stong publication with top quality content is key to growing revenues in todays world.

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  • December 14, 2016 at 12:49 pm

    Employee X is absolutely correct. I would advise any start-up to employ at least four times as many advertising staff as journos. It certainly worked for us at the Northants Post in the 70s and 80s.

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