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Daily newspaper launches series on impact of Brexit

beyond-brexitA daily newspaper has launched a new series on how Brexit is affecting its readers.

The Herald, Glasgow’s series, which it has called ‘Beyond Brexit’ is conducting a major focus on the key hazards posed by the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union.

The Herald’s specialist time will examine how the decision will impact on immigration, education, research, health, business, sport and travel, among other subjects.

The Glasgow-based broadsheet devoted the whole of its front page and two inside spreads to the launch on Tuesday, along with an 800-word leader.

The exclusive splash on day one by chief reporter David Leask and political editor Tom Gordon was based on comments by respected academics who said Scots would be able to maintain access to the single market by using an adapted passport.

Acting editor-in-chief Graeme Smith said speculation around the impact of the referendum on Scotland had begun the morning after the vote.

He added: “Around our conference table and in our newsroom we often discuss the pitfalls and potential benefits for our key Scottish industries posed by the separation from Europe

“Our discussions became far more frequent, we asked more questions, our specialist reporters all got involved and we analysed the findings in detail. We now want to share them with Scotland.

“Every day our team will examine how Brexit will impact on immigration, education, research, health, business, sport and travel, among other subjects.

“By also drawing on experts who will be advising the Government on the best road ahead, we will be coming up with some of the solutions to provide a comprehensive plan ensuring Scotland is best placed to survive the knocks and exploit the opportunities after leaving the EU.”

The Beyond Brexit content was coordinated by group news editor David McCann who, along with the paper’s specialist correspondents, took time off diary to work up material.

Former Sunday Herald editor Richard Walker was brought in to design special layouts for the series.

The paper’s website will carry all the content and will have a special Beyond Brexit section where the material can be found together.

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  • November 16, 2016 at 7:28 am

    This to me,seems like a good initiative covering a variety of aspects and sectors and how they will affect,in this case,the Scots,both good and bad ,post Brexit,

    A good balanced,and hopefully,well written and researched series of articles which would be of interest to other parts of the uk, and a good initiaive which could quite easily be adopted elsewhere by other publishers.

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