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Community news magazine celebrates 10th anniversary

Salford Star logoA community news magazine has marked 10 years since it was first published.

The Salford Star was founded in 2006 and has covered issues including regeneration rip-offs, MPs’ expenses scandals and police brutality at anti-fracking protests.

The magazine published a print edition from 2006 to 2008, before going online-only until last year, when it was revived in physical form again.

More than 3,000 articles have been published on the website of the Star, which the National Union of Journalists has described a sa “fearless and independent voice” for its community.

Editor Stephen Kingston said: “The council hasn’t spoken to us for over four years, so we must be doing something right.

“I think we’re the longest surviving genuine community magazine in the country. Even the Chartist paper, the Northern Star, from which we took our inspiration, didn’t last this long.

“Over the last ten years the Salford Star has documented and slated, in real time, the attempted transformation of a city that has clearly left the community behind, as MediaCityUK and lots of glitzy unaffordable apartments arrived, while affordable housing was bulldozed and poverty remained rife.”

He added: “We aim to give the community a voice within all this, untouched by vested interests. And for that we survive on virtually nothing but the sales of t-shirts, a bit of advertising and donations from things like car boot sales.”

The Star also covers community events, digs out real heritage and has interviews with Salford celebrities like Peter Hook, Christopher Eccleston and Maxine Peake.

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  • July 15, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    As a “fearless and independent voice” for its community, it should be worried that the council hasn’t spoken to it for over four years. Far from doing something right, it is quite possible it is seen as an irrelevance by the council. But worse, the paper should be challenging the council and holding it to account by demanding responses to the expectations of the community.

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