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Weekly column inspires reporter’s first book

Rodney Edwards

Photo by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye.

An award-winning weekly newspaper journalist has written his first book inspired by a column he writes for the title about Irish phrases.

Rodney Edwards, pictured left, from the Impartial Reporter has written ‘Sure, why would ye not?’, which will be released in October after he signed a deal with Blackstaff Press.

The book has been inspired by his weekly Fermanagh Spake column for the title which celebrates the idiosyncrasies, humour and uniqueness of Irish turns of phrase.

Rodney was named Northern Ireland Weekly Journalist of the Year in 2013 and earlier this year received a silver award at the CIPR Media Awards for a special report on cancer.

His book will follow two characters Bob and Charlie, as they as they put the world to rights on everything from the ‘clatty’ weather to the ‘ogeous handlins’ they find themselves in.

In a story by the Reporter about his book, he said: “Given that most of my childhood was spent reading and writing, I am thrilled to be releasing my first book later this year.

“Blackstaff Press is not only one of the best publishers in Northern Ireland, but one of the most respected. This, if you pardon the pun, is a hugely exciting new chapter for me.”

‘Sure, why would ye not?’ will be published on 15 October and will be available in shops across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and on Amazon.

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