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Daily honours ‘The Few’ as masthead turns red, white and blue

A regional daily has turned its masthead red, white and blue as part of its coverage of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

The Eastern Daily Press published a wraparound front page, pictured below, and special supplement in Tuesday’s paper, including publishing the names of every known member of ‘The Few’ who were involved in saving the country from German invasion.

The 16-page supplement, which was also published in the Norwich Evening News, featured the names of the 2,935 aircrew involved in Britain’s greatest aerial battle, which was compiled by the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust.

To commemorate the anniversary, the Archant title also published its first ever three-colour masthead to honour the RAF’s history, switching from its usual blue colour.

EDP wrap

Editor Nigel Pickover said: “We are delighted our research and investment in pagination in both the EDP and Norwich Evening News has paid such rich dividends.

“No one has ever published this comprehensive list and it is our honour to have done it today.”

Pilots from Norfolk and Suffolk, including Group Captain Douglas Bader and his ‘Wing’ from RAF Coltishall, were heavily involved in the battle.

The battle was one of the fiercest aerial campaigns of the Second World War and took place during the summer and autumn of 1940, as the RAF fought in the skies above southern England.

It prevented Hitler’s Germany from gaining air superiority, leading to plans for an invasion of Britain being abandoned.

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  • September 16, 2015 at 10:31 am

    For all Archant’s faults, Pickover and the EDP do this kind of thing well, using proper artwork and not cluttering such spreads with bog-standard photography, poor headlines and garish, amateur ads for plumbing tools or takeaway pizzas. No idea of the quality inside, or what else suffered to achieve this future entry for a meaningless award, but it looks good from the outside and lordy, we could do with even a hint of quality in this battered industry of ours.

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