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Newspaper in bid to improve disabled access

A weekly newspaper has launched a campaign to get better access for disabled passengers at a local railway station.

The Croydon Advertiser is pressing for better disabled access to Norwood Junction station, in South London, after reporter Andrew Jameson spotted an “extraordinary” lack of access for those in wheelchairs and parents with buggies and prams.

After writing an initial story on the problem, the Advertiser decided to launch a campaign for better access after it resonated strongly with readers.

Editor Glenn Ebrey has praised Andrew’s news sense in getting the campaign off the ground.


He said: “This is a good example of a reporter following good old-fashioned news sense to come up with the idea for not just a story, but also a campaign plenty of readers can get behind.

“Andrew noted it seemed extraordinary a station as busy as Norwood Junction, with more than 3.5m passengers a year, had virtually no access for the disabled or, indeed, mums and dads with small children in buggies.

“The reaction to our initial story from readers was sufficiently strong that we felt a campaign was fully justified.

“We hope as many readers as possible will sign our petition.

“The council have already lent their backing to our lobbying of transport bosses and hopefully, as we continue to shine a light on this issue in the coming weeks, so the pressure will intensify to improve the access here.

“It seems extraordinary to have such poor facilities in the 21st century at such a busy location used by so many people.”


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  • November 26, 2014 at 11:46 am

    JPs idea of improved access and contrbution to community is to shut receptions at its newspaper offices. Time for reporters to head to the station platform maybe?

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  • November 26, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    Am I reading it as page 10, left hander, half a page. Slow news day HTFP?

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  • November 28, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    Unbelievable that there is still no real access for disabled people or mothers with babies in their prams like me. Can you imagine how hard it is to lift a pram up so many stairs? There you can see how heavy prams are! Mine is 15 kg.
    I really appreciate that this journalist started a campaign!

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