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Regional story prompts Tweet confusion in USA

A regional paper’s news story about a lorry crash in the Midlands caused a stir – right across the pond in America.

The Worcester News reported how the accident was causing chaos,and delays were expected oat  Broomhall Way on the city’s Southern Link Road.

Social media sprung into action, with a confused Twitter follower in Massachusetts stepping in to investigate.

@ScanWorcester’s Twitter biography says he has an interest in “public safety incidents, news and other fun stuff”.

Group Deputy Editor John Wilson told HoldtheFrontPage this is how the Worcester News reported the unfolding confusion online:


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  • April 24, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    ‘Regional story prompts Tweet confusion in HTFP’

    Did you know everyone was talking about this at the doctors this week.

    I was there with my feet – now there is something you could put on that inter web, bird feed thing!

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