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Royal weekly changes name after prince’s birth

A weekly newspaper in a royal town changed its name in honour of the birth of Prince George.

The Royal Borough Observer, which is based in Windsor, changed its name to the Royal Baby Observer for the week to mark the birth of the prince.

The paper splashed on the story of a new mother who gave birth on the same day as the Duchess of Cambridge, whose own mother gave birth to another daughter on the same day Princess Beatrice was born in 1988 – giving the family their own two ‘royal’ babies.

It is among local newspapers across the country which have looked for innovative ways of covering the new prince’s arrival, including the Caithness Courier, which changed its name to the Caithness Courheir for the week and the Reading Post, which also changed its masthead.

The Observer’s royal edition, which was published on Friday, included five pages of coverage on the royal baby’s arrival, including the celebrations in Windsor during the week.

Editor Tim Cole added: “The birth of a new heir to the throne doesn’t come along that often so renaming the paper The Royal Baby Observer for a week seemed too good an opportunity to miss. There wasn’t a shortage of things to report on.

“There is a healthy mix of Royalists and republicans on our staff, but everyone loved the renaming idea and threw themselves into the project wholeheartedly.

“The most important thing is that people are buying the paper – and keeping copies as souvenirs.”

The Observer reported how new mum Stacie Pharo gave birth to her son Leland on Monday, 12 hours before Prince George was born, and how Stacie’s mum Angela Joyce had her first daughter Karleigh on 8 August 1988 – the day Princess Beatrice was born.

Reporter Dan Whiteway said: “We had a lot of Royal baby-related events going on in Windsor in the days after Prince George was born with the town crier announcing the birth to a large crowd and Timmy Mallett doing a painting so it just felt like we had to do something special.

“Then the story about the birth of baby Leland and the incredible backstory came through and it was decided we just had to go all out with it.

“There was a bit of a worry as Leland had a health scare. Eventually, he and Stacie were not discharged from hospital until about an hour before we went to press so we just managed to get the photo of the three together which really brought the whole story to life.”

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  • July 29, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Good for the Obs – but sadly the paper overall is lack-lustre from what it used to be. It used to be one of the finest but now I hear circulation has plummeted, it is run from Reading and there’s just a few staff. Good luck to Tim Cole. What happened to Paul Thomas as editor…?

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