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Regional daily bars non-Facebook users from commenting

A regional daily is to require users to log onto Facebook accounts in order to post comments when it unveils a new-look website in the coming weeks.

The Manchester Evening News has told readers about its plans for a redesigned website, which will be “cleaner and less cluttered”.

But the paper said it was changing the registration system for readers to post comments and they will no longer be able to do so if they do not have a Facebook account.

The Birmingham Mail has already introduced the same move and other Trinity Mirror regional sites are also set to follow suit.

But MEN readers have hit out at it, with more than 80 people commenting on the story and many of them criticising the plans.

Responding to the criticism, the MEN posted its own comment saying many people were put off from registering to comment because the process took too long and it would now become more accessible.

Its comment said: “We understand from the experiences of our colleagues at the Birmingham Mail, who introduced the same process before Christmas, that not everyone will choose to give the new system a go and that’s something we accept.

“Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we were unable to keep our previous registration process as well as Facebook, but we think it’s the right decision for the majority of our readers.

“Sorry for the inconvenience this causes you and we hope you give our new commenting system a try.”

It added that people would not need to access Facebook when they comment, so people could set up an account just to allow them to post comments.

Further changes brought in by the new-look site will be a new typeface, greater emphasis on new and recently updated articles and more topic pages.

The MEN’s mobile site will also be easier to navigate and it is relaunching a daily news email bulletin.

A spokesman for Trinity Mirror said: “We’re working on making all the sites the same in this respect, as well as on further log-in options.”

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  • January 15, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Is the real thinking here from the MEN that a facebook account is easier to trace than a false IP addy with a non-exisitant email addy for those naughty people who like to make libellous and inflammatory comments?

    However, as it’s just as easy to set a up a nom-de-plume facebook account those who wish to troll will troll……

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