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Journalist’s murder coverage features in TV series

A former regional daily reporter has recalled one of the “worst murder cases” he ever had to cover as part of a television series profiling individuals who have spent the rest of their lives in jail.

Hugh Worsnip, left, who worked as a reporter on The Citizen in Gloucester for 41 years, covered the murder of 33-year-old Pia Overbury, whose body was found in woodland near Hartpury, Gloucestershire.

Glyn Dix was convicted of murdering the mother-of-two and was jailed for 22 years in 1979. It also transpired that Miss Overbury was raped by Dix just 24 hours previously.

An interview with Hugh will feature in the last episode of “When Life Means Life”, which is being shown on the Crime & Investigation Network.

Said Hugh: “I remember it well and I remember going around to his house. It was absolutely terrible, one of the worst murder cases I have ever covered, for sure.”

Hugh also covered the Fred and Rosemary West Cromwell Street murders in 1994 and described it as one of the “nastiest” moments of his life.

The show comes about in the wake of murderer Arthur Hutchinson’s European Court of Human Rights bid to attempt to get out of his life sentence early.

If he’s successful, it could pave the way for others – including Glyn Dix – to do the same.

Dix, who was 26 at the time of the conviction, served the majority of his sentence and then married a woman called Hazel who he had befriended in jail.

They lived together in Redditch, Worcestershire. In 2004, he killed her too. Her son found Dix straddled over her with a knife in his hand.

Dix was sent to Ashworth in Liverpool for the rest of his life the following year.

The TV show will be shown on the Crime & Investigation Network today.

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