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Founder of journalism school dies after illness

A professor who founded a university’s journalism school has died after an illness.

John Tulloch, left, founded the Lincoln School of Journalism and was head of the school from 2004-2012, continuing to work at the university despite being ill.

Before working at the University of Lincoln, he worked at the University of Westminster from 1995-2003, where he was head of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Tributes have been paid to him following his death last Friday.

David Sleight, who is dean of public engagement and an associate professor of media at the university, said John had coped “magnificently” with his illness.

He said: “I respected John not just because he founded, with Professor Brian Winston, the Lincoln School of Journalism, but because he worked tirelessly to keep abreast of and to capitalise on fresh ideas and new developments in the fields of academic and industrial journalism.

“He was a great support to all of his deans of faculty, and his advice was always calm, considered and helpful. His loyalty to the university was undimmed by his healthy suspicion of major organisations, and we cherished his ethical approach which put students at the heart of his considerations.

“When he was no longer well enough to travel regularly to Lincoln, John was undaunted and Skyped his students.

“He vowed, probably more to himself actually, that he would not appear before the online camera in his dressing gown to maintain standards of decorum, I had no doubt. His students continued to benefit from his wisdom and guidance from afar.”

Deborah Wilson, acting head of the journalism school, told the Lincolnshire Echo: “The news of John’s death came as a dreadful shock.

“Colleagues are coming to terms with the loss of someone who was much loved and respected.

“Personally, John was a good friend and a valued mentor. As acting head of school I intend to ensure his memory is honoured and his legacy long-lasting.”

John has also lectured or advised on curricula in 18 different countries, including India, Oman and Yemen.

He was a co-director of Lincoln’s Centre for Research in Journalism and at the University of Lincoln, he taught students in feature writing, press history, arts journalism and literary journalism.

Professor Bob Franklin, a journalism professor at Cardiff University, tweeted: “Deeply sad news to hear about the death of John Tulloch, prof and head of journalism at Lincoln University. He had a gifted pen and was kind.”


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  • October 9, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    I am so sorry to hear this. What a nice man he was, kind and thoughtful and interesting. I taught news and feature writing for his MA students at Westminster.

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  • October 9, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    So sorry to hear about John’s death. He took a chance on me when he took me on to teach at Westminster. A lot of us have much to be thankful to John for. And a lovely man with it! Cheers, John.

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