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Weekly’s recycling campaign forces council U-turn

A weekly newspaper has forced council bosses to make a U-turn after running a campaign about recycling sacks.

The Kentish Gazette launched its Sacks Appeal earlier this month after Canterbury City Council cut back on the number of free recycling sacks delivered to homes and gave out sacks that were too flimsy, in an attempt to save money.

Readers inundated the KM Group paper with letters, emails and Facebook comments prompting the launch of the campaign and a week later, the council announced a review and pledged to give out more sacks.

The paper’s successful campaign comes after a previous one last year when the council made a U-turn after taxi drivers were banned from flying flags during the World Cup.

Editor Leo Whitlock said: “Some journalists might scoff at this sort of story but it was an issue that really mattered to our readers and they were not shy in letting us know about it.

“After years of being encouraged to recycle and go green, they were incensed that councillors seemed determined to make it harder for them.

“Taking up an issue such as this, especially in a year when closely-fought local elections for the city council are just around the corner, is difficult for a local newspaper because those at the sharp end of our criticism start to throw around accusations of political bias.

“But we remain politically neutral and it is inevitable that we will upset the administration’s opponents in the weeks to come.”


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  • February 15, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    The council’s idea of cutting back the sacks was a daft one. I live in its area and pay shedloads in council tax each year. Having my rubbish collected is about the only thing I get for the money – cutting back on rolls of sacks is neither here nor there in money saving terms.

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  • February 16, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    We cant expect the council to issue unlimited numbers of sacks in the current financial climate. Surley if residents want more all they have to do is buy a few clear sacks from the supermarket and a few less black ones!

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