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Journalists’ union supports public sector strikes

Members of the National Union of Journalists have shown their support to public sector workers on strike by joining them on the picket line.

On his last day in the job, general secretary Jeremy Dear encouraged union members to support the strikes staged by teachers, university lecturers and tax officers which resulted in the closure of courts, schools and tax offices.

Said Jeremy: “We need to take action together and we can all do something, whether joining the picket lines of other unions, holding special branch and chapel meetings to the discuss the issue, and attending rallies and meetings to support the strikers.

“I believe it is our duty as serious trade unionists to make common cause with workers who are seeking to defend jobs, services and conditions. I hope every NUJ chapel and workplace will support the strikers.”

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  • July 1, 2011 at 11:46 am

    Utterly wrong Mr Dear. It is obvious that as we all live longer and expect continued pensions at the same or improving levels that the deficit on pensions schemes has to be made up from somewhere, by increased contributions or externally . That is why so many companies and not just newspapers, have had to close down final salary schemes and go on to contribution-based schemes.
    So who makes up the deficiency – the people in the civil service and teachers unions who will ultimately benefit from their pension, or the rest of us, who will not enjoy anywhere near as good a pension, from our income tax?

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