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Ex-reporter: ‘Being made redundant was best thing that happened to me’

A former regional journalist who has set up her own PR firm after losing her job says being made redundant was the best thing that could have happened to her.

Vicki FitzGerald, 30, set up Paramount PR in Weston-super-Mare  after being made redundant from the Bristol Evening Post after eight years.

Until July this year, Vicki was the Post’s Weston-super-Mare reporter and her cuttings books included coverage of the fire that burned down the town’s Grand Pier in 2008.

She said:  “People say that being made redundant is the best thing that could have happened to them and I agree.”

Vicki started her career at the weekly Weston & Worle News after gaining a Journalism degree at Solent University.

She launched Paramount PR this year, combining public relations with working as a community publisher for Northcliffe Digital’s Local People network.

Said Vicki: “As much as I enjoyed the buzz of finding the latest front page stories, I have to say you do find yourself placed in some very difficult situations as a reporter.

“I had been followed, threatened and verbally abused on many occasions for writing newspaper stories but all that is behind me and I am focusing on the world of PR.

“This has been a positive life change allowing me to set up my own company and to devote more time to my two young children.”

Services offered by Paramount PR include writing news releases, copywriting, social media campaigns and websites, producing newsletters, design work and official launches.

Added Vicki: “Writing is my true passion and I can now use the skills I have developed in the past nine years to help businesses who do not have the time to handle their own publicity.

“I take time to sit down with my clients to establish their needs and help them to embrace the changing media world and use it to further advance their business.”

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  • December 7, 2011 at 9:52 am

    A stressful time but 99 per cent of people don’t look back, and you can earn far more on your own, without being dragged down by falling standards in newspapers out of touch with the communities they serve, editors who haven’t got a clue except when culling staff at the panicky behest of the finance director, and company executives who, desperate to keep shareholders happy (and their jobs) are bleeding the lifeblood from publications without realising that they are also killing the goose that once…………!

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