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Bahrain revolt poses challenge for expat editor

An expat British editor has this week faced the challenge of getting his paper out during a state of emergency after the crisis

Stan Szecowka, former editor of the Clifton Chronicle and deputy editor of the Bristol Evening Post, now edits Gulf Weekly in Bahrain.

Political events in the usually sleepy Gulf state have recently made international headlines as protesters attempt to overthrow the ruling royal family.

The tension intensified ahead of this week’s edition deadline as forces from neighbouring countries rolled in to protect vital supplies and expats were warned to ‘stay indoors’ by their embassies.

Attempts to maintain order in Bahrain are being supported by forces from the GCC, a military, economic and political alliance.

Their mission will be limited to protecting vital facilities, such as oil, electricity and water installations, and financial and banking facilities.

Stan told HTFP: “It was an interesting challenge trying to get a newspaper out during a state of emergency – little things like distribution and getting to work via the variety of barricades and tanks!

“I ended up carting a load of papers to the Dilmun Club and Rugby Club where many of the expats seek sanctuary.

“We managed to get some cracking photos and reports on Monday when the GCC forces arrived just in time for deadline!

“I called the British Ambassador who is a friend and asked him about the Brit embassy advice to stay indoors. It sort of explained itself when he said there were armed gangs outside the embassy…so my brave photographer set out for a look and came back with a great image for Page Three.”




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  • March 18, 2011 at 9:52 am

    I would imagine it’s more of a challenge to get an ordinary week’s newspaper out which doesn’t crawl too much to the ruling Sunni elite while not upsetting the Shi’ite readers in the present revolutionary climate. Well done, Stan. Best of British to you.

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  • March 18, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Stan, hope you’re safe and well – come round to ours for dinner when you’re next back in the UK.

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