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March 2010 News

A culture clash in Wolverhampton?

One of the great things about having a story comments facility on your website is that it enables users to amplify what you have already written, and perhaps introduce fresh angles and context to a story. So it was with

Helping people enjoy a 'wheelie' good night

There’s nothing more socially unpleasant than a row of drunk men (and sometimes women) urinating into shop doorways or onto streets during nights out on the town. But police and Eastleigh Borough Council, in Hampshire, are considering putting up wheelie

Is pollution really polluting your population?

Nearly 50,000 people die each year unnecessarily through air pollution. Health costs to society as a result of pollution could be equal to those dealing with alcohol abuse. Speak to local NHS bodies, health and ‘green’ groups and care associations

Finding people 'armed' with good skills

Hire a Hero – a company which helps ex-military personnel find work – is apparently being inundated with offers. Read more about it here. Surely businesses on your patch could make use of former military staff…if they aren’t already. Have

A 'bleeping' ridiculous idea?

New government plans could see children undergo annual fitness tests including the dreaded ‘bleep tests’. Bleep tests involve running between two markers before a bleep sounds with the intervals becoming increasingly shorter. They are used by, among others, emergency services

Age ain't nothing but a number

People in their 90s could be allowed to sit on juries after proposals to scrap age limits were mooted. But fears have been raised that elderly people would struggle to follow court cases – read more about it here. Is