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January 2008 News

Who's the tearaway where you work?

Police nationwide are to target known young tearaways to stop them turning into habitual offenders. If this is so, then there must be local projects run by police on your patch. Could it be funding for a new youth centre

Setting up a wildlife garden

Local Wildlife Trusts across the country are falling over themselves to help people set up their own wildlife gardens at home. They have all the information, tips and challenges to help turn gardens, or a corner of one, into a

Pets' workout

Is your pooch or puss piling on the pounds? Were they on the receiving end of sweets, turkey and tit-bits over Christmas? Now’s the time to get them some specialist help with vets, pet food makers and animal experts all

Do high flyers work for charity?

More and more charities are being run like big business concerns, employing more professionals to do jobs that used to be done out of duty. But do higher wages need to be paid to attract the right sort of people?

Early sign language

Did you know that children as young as seven months can learn sign language and start to communicate with you, even though they are not ready to talk at that stage? Find out more and check here for contacts.