20 December 2014

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Scotsman raises cover price for second time in year

Flagship daily The Scotsman has increased its cover price for the second time this year.

Last January the Johnston Press owned title raised its weekday price from 85p to £1.  Now it has been increased again to £1.10.

A story carried in today’s edition says the move is “due to a number of circumstances brought about by the extremely challenging economic environment which still prevails.”

A number of other Johnston Press titles are also increasing their cover prices as part of the second phase of the company’s relaunch of all its paid-for titles.


  1. Observer

    So, a struggling newspaper decides to put its price up by almost 30 per cent in a year.
    See Johnston management…..kamikaze comes to mind.

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  2. Carts

    Does increasing the cover price count as a relaunch, a redesign or a rebrand?

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