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The HTFP Editor’s Blog has previously had a number of different homes including The Journalism Hub and HTFPConnect but it can now be found here on the main site. Editor Paul Linford and his colleagues on the content team will be giving their take on current industry developments and also highlighting other interesting journalism news and commentary from around the web.

Dundee here we come?

At the conclusion of his speech to last year’s Society of Editors conference, its incoming president Donald Martin announced that next year’s gathering would be held in Glasgow. "Where better to celebrate next year’s conference than in the great newspaper

Will the Tories destroy the regional media’s only lifeline?

The emerging battle to run the three regional TV news pilots in Scotland, Wales and the North-East is shaping up to be the big media story of the year, with several rival newspaper groups bidding for the franchises. Meanwhile, shadow

Top marks for Examiner

Fans of mock news websites such as the and the petersfieldnewswire may wish to check out the latest edition of the Framley Examiner. The crack team of reporters in the mythical ‘town’ have been out on their ‘patch’ compiling

Will cameras in court mean death of shorthand?

There has been an interesting development in the thorny issue of not taking recording equipment, namely TV cameras, into our courts. As any newspaper journalism student will testify, after having it repeatedly rammed into their subconscious for the duration of

Don’t miss Steve Dyson’s new blog

Former Birmingham Mail editor Steve Dyson’s new blog "Dyson at Large" launches on HoldtheFrontPage today. Each Wednesday, Steve will be looking at a different regional title and giving his assessment of its strengths and weaknesses and today he kicks off

Dead man walks it

Over the past fortnight we’ve been carrying out a poll to find your favourite HTFP press funny of 2009. Our original shortlist of ten featured our choice of the best mis-spellings, subbing errors, bizarre news judgements and missing headlines of

Christmas poll: Choose your favourite press funny of 2009

On HoldtheFrontPage today we are running our nominations for the Top Ten Friday Funnies of 2009, featuring the very best in UK press cock-ups, bizarre news judgements, unintentional double entendres and sheer silliness from the past 12 months. Now we

O Christmas Tree….

This rather sorry image was captured in a regional press newsroom earlier today. We’ll spare the blushes of the newspaper concerned, but the journalist who sent it to us seemed to think it summed up his company’s year…..

All in the line of duty….

An Israeli sports reporter got more than he bargained for when he went to cover a basketball match on Tuesday. Irmi Olmert, the brother of the country’s former Prime Minister Ehud, apparently took exception to something the reporter had said

Liveblogging the Society of Editors conference

HoldtheFrontPage is at Stansted today covering the Society of Editors conference, the biggest media gathering of the year. You can follow our live updates via our Twitter feed, Journalism News.

Are local newspapers worth saving?

Most HoldtheFrontPage readers would say yes, of course. But here’s an opposing view from the Guardian columnist George Monbiot.

Spot on, Peter

You can say what you like about TV’s the X-Factor, but it certainly gets people talking. Last night’s decision by Simon Cowell to reprieve talentless twins John and Edward Grimes at the expense of Welsh songbird Lucie Jones has been

Lowe’s big tease

As his one-time deputy Keith Perch recently noted, Mike Lowe was one of the great ‘personality editors’ of the 1990s, bringing his unique style of journalism to first the Gloucester Citizen, then the Derby Evening Telegraph, and finally the Bristol

The Commons: ‘A killer place’

The funeral of former MEN political editor Ian Craig took place in his family’s home town of Wrexham yesterday, with many regional lobby figures past and present paying their respects. So today’s obituary by David McKittrick in the Independent was

The right to give offence

Tory blogger Iain Dale’s connection to the regional press is somewhat tenuous – he writes a column for the Eastern Daily Press – so we didn’t carry today’s story about the PCC adjudication against him on the main site. Nonetheless,

Farewell to a great regional press journalist

Earlier this week on HoldtheFrontPage we carried news of the sudden death of long-standing regional lobby correspondent Ian Craig, who until earlier this year was political editor of the Manchester Evening News. It is always sad when a journalist passes