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Reporter thanks colleagues for support after autism diagnosis

Aaron GreenawayA journalist has thanked colleagues for their support after recently being diagnosed with autism.

Aaron Greenaway has praised fellow staff at Tindle Newspapers in Cornwall after his diagnosis.

Aaron, pictured, also has fibromyalgia, a condition which causes pain and tiredness, meaning he largely works from home.

He currently works as a reporter for the Cornish Times, Cornish & Devon Post and the Cornwall Voice series.

In an interview for Tindle, Aaron said: “I have fibromyalgia, a condition which causes pain and tiredness but I want to work so it is mainly from home.

“I have had nothing but total support from my editor and the company overall as I am given a huge degree of flexibility. Some days I can be very productive, other days not so, and my situation is understood.

“I was recently diagnosed with autism which felt like a large weight being lifted from me. There is no shame as it is who I am and I do not see it as a negative.

“I had always been aware I was different but I could not understand how I was feeling in certain situations so it was good to be assessed. I have learned to adapt to the challenges and now understand what I can do to cope.”