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Daily journalists attacked by far-right extremists after racism exposé

Martyn McLaughlinFar-right extremists from around the world have attacked a daily newspaper’s journalists after they exposed racist content on a UK video-sharing platform.

The Scotsman’s investigations correspondent Martyn McLaughlin and editor Neil McIntosh were targeted online after a probe by Martyn found videos and content targeting Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf.

The content targeting Mr Yousaf, posted on US platform Bitchute, included various videos by Lana Lokteff, a US-based white supremacist broadcaster.

Police Scotland is now investigating the abuse against the Scottish National Party’s leader.

Ms Lokteff branded the Edinburgh-based daily “dishonest and dirty” for its coverage, while other users accused The Scotsman of having a “hatred of whites” and being “anti-white scumbags”.

In support of its investigation, the paper ran an editorial on Saturday calling on readers to unite against “ideological descendants” of the Nazis.

In an accompanying Twitter post, Neil wrote: “Today, The Scotsman reported on the online hate directed towards Humza Yousaf. On cue, in response, the same bile was directed at The Scotsman and our reporter Martyn McLaughlin.

“For the record, here’s where we stand – The Scotsman’s leader comment, also from today.”

The editorial stated: “One may disagree with Yousaf on many things but he is, first and foremost, an elected politician, committed to democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

“During the Second World War, we stood united against the Nazis. Now, once again, we must form a united front against their ideological descendants.  When they attack him, they attack all democrats.”

BitChute content by Ms Lokteff included suggestions that Mr Yousaf should stop wearing “a white man’s suit” and “go back to Muslim Pakistan”.

In a response to The Scotsman’s investigation, she referenced a 2020 speech by Mr Yousaf in which he questioned the lack of people of colour in positions of power in the Scottish Parliament and Government.

Ms Lokteff wrote: “You people are so dishonest and dirty.

“You left out the part where Humza Yousaf expresses his disgust that Scotland is white. Is Pakistan ‘too brown?’ Never.”

Discussing the force’s involvement, Martyn, pictured, wrote: “I’ve restricted replies on this tweet in light of the torrent of racist and Islamophobic bile the initial story was met with.

“Thanks to the many others who’ve supported my reporting on this issue.”

Mr Yousaf himself told The Scotsman: “Unfortunately, the sad reality is that I am not shocked by these vile, racist and Islamophobic videos.

“Being the recipient of online abuse has become a regular feature of my life in public service.”